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News in our Rough collie kennel:

10.01.2022 - 

Our puppies are 4 weeks now, and they are really going very well. Im very happy ! Take a look to their new photos

26.12.2021 - 

Our wonderful puppies from F litter have already 2 weeks and their just opened their eyes. Boys are doing very well, they are really strong and chunky puppies. We made them a new photos during Christmas time. We also wish you ALL THE BEST for Christmas and New Year 2022 !


19.12.2021 - 

We have a big news ! Wonderful puppies were born in our kennel ! The proud mummy is our Ginka and this is the F-litter ! We are very happy from 3 beautiful boys, in blue-merle and tricolor colours. More information you can find on the page of F-litter - we will update photos very often :)

18.05.2021 - 

I visited my offspring Dirigentka "Riri" and made her some new photos. She is extra elegant girl and Im very proud of her ! She is daughter of our Jaylin (in memoriam) and french dog Helios! I made also new photos to my wonderful Emka, you can check in her gallery.


06.04.2021 - 

Our fantastic E litter celebrated their 1st Birthday at 10.4. !! Im very proud of this litter and very happy, that I was able to made my dream possible and did this great combination, which exceeded my expectations. Brumko, Emka & Chipsík - I wish you only the BEST BEST BEST. Especially to my beloved Emka !!!



We also made an x-ray examination of our Emka and her brother Chips. And the results are GREAT ! Both are HD A/A, ED 0/0 and Spondylosis - free + Transitional vertebra - free !!! So now we can ask our club for their breeding licences !


Our offspring Dirigentka "Riri" was also examined - she is HD A/A and ED 0/0 and she was also again eyes tested with great results: CEA/PRA/KAT - free (by ESVO specialists). She became a brood bitch of 1st cathegory ! She is living in the farm, full of animals and also under the kennel "Of Brigand´s field" so you can looking forward to her puppies, in future !



I added some new photos to Trip mix 2021 and added a new gallery Croatia 2021 full of beautiful spring photos from our visit of Croatia ! Enjoy !


10.03.2021 - 

I added some new photos to gallery of our offsprings: Easter Bunny "Brumko"Everything I Wanted "Chips"Bear Grylls "Merlin"Babydoll "Wronia".


Also I made some new pictures to our homies - Dexter, Ginka, Grace and Emka. Check out their galleries. Also I made a new gallery from various trips from this year - Trip mix 2021. Im adding photos very regularly.


Unfortunatelly one VERY SAD NEWS - at the beginning of February we lost unexpectedly our dearest Jaylin - in the age of only 6,5 years, because of very very insidious tick disease. Despite all the efforts and treatment, her body could not fight this insidious disease and we lost our living angel on 4 paws ... she became an angel in heaven ... and no words express the sadness I have in my heart over her loss....



At the beginning of March celebrated their 4th Birthday our puppies from B litter. 9 beautiful siblings, who are who enjoy full health, fitness and make the owners very happy. I know a lot of about that - because my homie Ginka makes me really happy - an incredibly faithful, devoted and obedient young lady. My dear Ginka wish you all the best - stay healthy and as amazing as you are!

10.12.2020 - 

Our offspring Belmondo passed at 5.12. on the agility competition in Horce nad Moravou their another A1 exam !!! He is very clever boy and true dragon on the agility parkour! Im very proud of ! Thanks to his owner Lenka !


Our C litter celebrated at 8.12.2020 their 2nd Birthday ! The time flies so recent their were small puppies and now their are full adults ! And very successful !!! Their are all champions (puppy or juniorch) all have wonderful health results and all have their breeding licence and I think we will very soon can wait to their offsprings !!!



Our baby Emka is 8 months old. She is very active and mischievous little girl. We made her some new photos. She still needs some time to mature, but she already is very elegant and big girl. She is also very clever and really very very very active !


25.10.2020 - 

With Dexter and Ginka we 27.09.2020 took part on Canicross "Rozbehaj svojho Bodreeka - Bosorkin canicross".  Dexter was on canicross 4 km´s track and I was at the same track with bike. With Ginka we were 3rd in woman cathegory !!!

We had some show plans for Autumn, but unfortunatelly because of coronavirus all shows in Slovakia were cancelled from October till end of the year. But Im very happy that our 3 kids from C-litter caught up some shows in September ! And all three very successfully ! At 19.09.2020 on CACIB Nitra, judged by Mr. András Polgár, our Cmukynka was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC ! Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" got Excellent 1, CAC at Polish Club show - XXXII Klubowa Wystawa Psów Pasterskich Ras Niepolskich Wawrzkowizna and Clark Kent "Milo" was awardes again as Excellent 1, CAC at CACIB Leszno ! Many thanks for my great owners !!!


The best thing I managed to do this autumn was a vacation at Baltic sea !!! Take a look to the photos from my BELOVED Baltic sea 2020. During the way I visited 5/6 of my polish offsprings - Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" + Be The One and Only "Bianca" in Gdynia, Donutella "Milka" in Gdanks and Easter Bunny "Brumko" with Babydoll "Wronia" in Krakow ! They are all doing great !!! Many thanks for hospitality to their owners ! 


Take a look to new photos to gallery Trips mix 2020 !. At the 5.10.2020 our fantastic QUEEN Grace celebrated her 9th Birthday ! She is still in great condition ! Wish you MANY HEALTHY YEARS my dear Grace ! Our Emka celebrated 10.10.2020 her 6th months ! She is very active, mischievous lady...I think I can call her Grace junior :D

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