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News in our Rough collie kennel:

25.10.2020 - 

With Dexter and Ginka we 27.09.2020 took part on Canicross "Rozbehaj svojho Bodreeka - Bosorkin canicross".  Dexter was on canicross 4 km´s track and I was at the same track with bike. With Ginka we were 3rd in woman cathegory !!!

We had some show plans for Autumn, but unfortunatelly because of coronavirus all shows in Slovakia were cancelled from October till end of the year. But Im very happy that our 3 kids from C-litter caught up some shows in September ! And all three very successfully ! At 19.09.2020 on CACIB Nitra, judged by Mr. András Polgár, our Cmukynka was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC ! Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" got Excellent 1, CAC at Polish Club show - XXXII Klubowa Wystawa Psów Pasterskich Ras Niepolskich Wawrzkowizna and Clark Kent "Milo" was awardes again as Excellent 1, CAC at CACIB Leszno ! Many thanks for my great owners !!!


The best thing I managed to do this autumn was a vacation at Baltic sea !!! Take a look to the photos from my BELOVED Baltic sea 2020. During the way I visited 5/6 of my polish offsprings - Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" + Be The One and Only "Bianca" in Gdynia, Donutella "Milka" in Gdanks and Easter Bunny "Brumko" with Babydoll "Wronia" in Krakow ! They are all doing great !!! Many thanks for hospitality to their owners ! 


Take a look to new photos to gallery Trips mix 2020 !. At the 5.10.2020 our fantastic QUEEN Grace celebrated her 9th Birthday ! She is still in great condition ! Wish you MANY HEALTHY YEARS my dear Grace ! Our Emka celebrated 10.10.2020 her 6th months ! She is very active, mischievous lady...I think I can call her Grace junior :D

16.09.2020 - 

The end of summer was full of various events and successes for our small family kennel:


Our offspring Belmondo took part on the agility competition Šlapanický vlk 2020, here he passed LA1 exam and won 5th place in agility open !!! He is really talented boy ! Many thanks to his owner Lenka for a great representation !


at 16th of August we took part on canicross event "Canicross po Lemešanskej špacírke". It was aprox. 3 km running track in forest, meadows. I ran with Ginka and my brother ran with Dexter and we were awarded as 4th in woman cathegory and 4th in men cathegory :P


At 20.08.2020 we took part at CACIB Szilvasvarad, Hungary, judged by Lászlo Erdos. It was very very hot day, quite a hard for a dogs, but we did very well: Jaylin was Excellent 2, r.CAC, Grace was Excellent 1, CAC, BOB Veteran, Cmukynka Excellent 1, CAC and our baby Emka was Very promissing 2. Two days later, at 22.08. our offspring Clark Kent "Milo" took part at CAC Wroclaw (PL), judged by Mr. Andrej Szutkiewicz. Milo presented himself as Excellent 1, CAC ! Many thanks to Marzena for great presentation !


Week later we attended the Regional show Betliar, judged by Mr. Boguslaw Chmiel, PL. It was a big YALESS BLUE PARTYJaylin - Excellent 1, Class winner and Regional winner (BOB)Emka Very promissing 1Grace Excellent 1, in final competitions 2. BIS VETERAN and she fullfilled required conditions to became a VETERAN CHAMPION of Slovakia ! From our offsprings were successful: Cmukynka - Excellent 1, Class winner, Bvlgari "Bebe" - Excellent 1, Class winner, Everything I Wanted "Chips" - at his very first show Very promissing 1 !


Our offspring Billion Stars in Eye "Maggie" presented herself at Club show of collies and shelties in Chropyna, CZ - judged by Mrs. Ivana Něměčková with Excellent ! Many thanks to Maggies owners !!!



Added some new photos to gallery Trips mix 2020 !



11.9.2011 was a day where my first and special collie Jaška passed away. So every year at that day, I´m thinking about her..You will be always in my heart, my dear Jaška !!!

31.07.2020 - 

My collies Jaylin, Grace and Emka together with our offspring Dirigentka "Riri" took part on the Regional show Povoda (25.7.2020). Show was judged by Mr. András Polgár from Serbia. Girls did the best and I was very happy especially from Riri - she presented herself very nice on her very first show. Results were very nice: Emka (also on her very first show) in baby class Very promissing 1 Dirigentka "Riri" in puppy class Very promissing 1, Jaylin in champion class Excellent 1, Class winner and Grace in veteran class Excellent 1, Class winner. Many thanks to Riri´s owner Katarína for a great care and presentation !


The biggest news is, that fantastic Emoji "Emka" became a member of OUR YALESS BLUE pack. We are very happy for this OUR DECISION ! Welcome home, dear Emu !!!


11.07.2020 - 

It's been six years since my first A-litter was born. My dream come first and most special.. in all ways. ... Two pups stayed at home (Jaylin & Dexter) and rest are doing lot of joy to their owners. They are HAPPY, HEALTHY and with GREAT CHARACTER. And successful in all various activities (sports & shows). The best start of my breeder's career I can even imagine: Happy Birthday my wonderful A-litter !!!

15.06.2020 - 

Our puppies enjoyed photoshooting in studio. To be honest, they totally enjoyed it ... better then us, because it was really a tough work, haha :D This litter is really extremely active, brave and temperament. Puppies were also on their ESVO eyes testing by eyes specialist Dr. Zubrický and they are all healthy ! Easter Bunny "Brumko" went to his new home to Poland to join his auntie Babydoll "Wronka". Our beautiful boy Everything I wanted "Drimko" got new call name "Chips" and he stayed in Slovakia, with his uncle Bvlgari "Bebe". It is so great, that both boys went to their new homes to siblings of their mum Ginka :)


29.05.2020 - 

Our puppies are already 7 weeks old and they are just microchipped, vaccined and they are waiting for their genetic testing and eyes examination. Im adding every few days new photos to their gallery. There is a period of very intense socialization - they travel a lot by car, visit various new places, meet new people, other dogs, cats and I take them for mini walks to experience the new environment. Of course, adult collies are always there and puppies are learning to be members of dog pack... and recognize the language of dog signals. They are are already learned to be clean in house. They have their own playground in the garden and when they are not sleeping, we still take care of them. Human presence is very important for the development of a puppy. Of course, as with all our litters, they sleep with me at night. I´m trying to give them maximum socialization in this beautiful period of their lives.

11.05.2020 - 

Added new photos of puppies from E litter in their age of 1 month. Im adding some new pictures every few days, so stay tuned :) Puppies have already their names ! They are running, playing and discovering also outside world. The socialisation phase have started and lot of great adventures are ready for them ! It pays to be a puppy from Yaless Blue :)


27.04.2020 - 

New photos of our babies - puppies of litter E - in the age of 17 day. They opened eyes and started to communicate and discover the world. They are very chunky and strong puppies. I also added a photogallery of our trip to UK.


19.04.2020 - 

I added new photos to our offspring Donutella "Milka" in the age of tender 5.5 months. Many thanks for a great care and photos to her owner, Kamila. Milka is very clever, smart yound lady, they are training obedience, tricks and nosework with her owner. She is actively preparing to a work of professional canistherapy dog. Milka is a copy of her wonderful mum Jaylin.


Our actuall E-litter puppies are going really very well. They are chunky, happy and soon their eyes will be open. I´m continuously adding some new photos.


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