Collie roughs - news 10.12.2020 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 10.12.2020

Our offspring Belmondo passed at 5.12. on the agility competition in Horce nad Moravou their another A1 exam !!! He is very clever boy and true dragon on the agility parkour! Im very proud of ! Thanks to his owner Lenka !


Our C litter celebrated at 8.12.2020 their 2nd Birthday ! The time flies so recent their were small puppies and now their are full adults ! And very successful !!! Their are all champions (puppy or juniorch) all have wonderful health results and all have their breeding licence and I think we will very soon can wait to their offsprings !!!



Our baby Emka is 8 months old. She is very active and mischievous little girl. We made her some new photos. She still needs some time to mature, but she already is very elegant and big girl. She is also very clever and really very very very active !