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litter "C" Yaless Blue

At 08.12.2018 were puppies born in our kennel ! We have 3 puppies of Collie Rough - 2 blue-merle girls and 1 blue-merle boy:



Clark Kent Cmukynka Cassovia Baltic Sea
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from 1. to 10.week:


photo: Ateliér Bounty









Collie Rough bitch, 53 cm, fullteeth



Collie Rough dog, 60 cm, fullteeth




HD: A/A, ED: 0/0


MDR1 +/+

DM +/-

PRA-rcd2: +/+




HD: A/A, ED: 0/0

CEA1/PRA/KAT: free

MDR1 +//+

DM -/-

PRA-rcd2: +/+




Grace is a bitch of exceptional exterior quality, she cares blood from very quality french lines, which have been verified and proven as the most quality blue-merle and tricolor lines in modern european breeding. Her father, with fantastic character Eros Blue du Chemin des Randonnées and her beautiful brother Ghostrider du Clos de Seawind have greatly influenced European breeding. Her grand-dad is I guess the most famous tricolor dog of this era - Velours Noir du Clos de Montamer. Among the advantages of our Grace belongs her gentle, tender modeled head with an incredibly sweet expression and compelling mischieous look that reveals her exceptional character. She is the biggest collie personality, I've had opportunity to know. She conquers everyone who knows her. She is very active, self-confident and cheerful and so good and subtle in her essence. He has an unbelievable oversight over the life. She has a lot of sport successes and strong shepherd's talents, which her children & grandchildren also strongly inherite. At the same time, she has achieved many outstanding successes at shows, where her beautiful color and elegant presetation always enchant audiences and judges.





The father of puppies is a tricolour dog from pure british lines, which I love the most. He is import from Great Britain, living in Finland. He is a son of a World Winner, famous stud dog Chelborn Kiss n Tell, which lines I also used at previous litter of Grace, and I simply can not resist to do it again. His mother is very successful bitch - interchampion Samhaven Temptation Ladnar, with perfect, extra temperament character and strong shepherd´s instincts. She is a daughter of legendary blue-merle dog, the love of the world of collies Ladnar Kingfisher, the winner of prestige Cruft´s show and many more other famous british shows. Not only because his exceptional pedigree, but also for his wonderful exterior is Bruce for me - the Mr. Perfect - the prototype of standard. He is big and tall dog, with elegant body, made for great movement.  He is sound and energetic, full of power and courage. Sweet masculine expression with perfect ears and beautifully shaped eyes. He is very successful show dog in Finland and also in the rest of Europe. He have friendly, open character, very contact and gentle. He is a playful and clever dog, active and inventive. Exactly like a true shepherd dog. For more information, visit his website.






It is a long planned connection of the most quality english-french blue-merle and tricolor lines of Europe. Puppies will be very promissing for shows and breeding. Please take a look to a pedigree of puppies.

I consider this litter as a continue of my breeding efforts that I began with my A litter - which has not only filled but even surpassed my expectations. I leaned a lot from that combination and I have shifted that knowledges further and the result is this thoughtful litter. I hope that this connection will (besides health) brings the exterior that I so much love in Collies - a return to the true British Collie, with a dreamlike and gentle expression, and an elegant body like a true shepherd. I hope that in the hands of the right owners every single puppy will literally bloom. Bruce lives in Finland, where he has left several quality litters. In Central Europe, this is his only litter, and it is indeed a unique combination of the lines. Many thanks to Marjo Hautaviita for allowing me to use this exceptional dog.


This litter is made with great emphasis on health and character. Most ancestors are health examined with negative results (hips and eyes). Considering of great characters of parents and grandparents I expect puppies with active character, very devoted, affectionate with their families and with a high potential for various sports.


We sold puppies only with FCI pedigree. Guaranteed breeding service. Puppies will be sold with the microchip, Petpass, vaccinated and protected against worms. All will be MDR1 +/+ , DM +/- or DM -/-,  PRA-rcd2: +/+ (by parentage), they will be eyes checked at 7 weeks by ESVO specialist, clinically examined with USG for JRD, and health examined by vet.


Our puppies are raised inside in home (in living room) with us, with access to the garden. Are under our (and mom´s) constant supervision. They will be socialized to all household noises and external environment and learned basis hygiene. Our pups are growing under the protective wings of our vet and are fed food of superior quality.







(lovebirds, as you can see... :P )