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• 28.12.2012 -

With the arrival of winter and snow, due to colder and more stable weather opens up the possibility of an active winter hiking, so the last time we made a number of interesting trips and hikes. For all I chose the gallery of beautiful pictures from the hill Šimonka. I also added a few photos from the Tatras hiking to Velické pleso. And since we are approaching the end of the year..into the New we want to wish you all the best ;)



• 24.12.2012 -

We wish you merry Christmas full of joy and hapiness :) And may all your wishes come true :)



• 14.12.2012 -

Last week our collie Grace presented herself very nice on the show and also sport field. Last Saturday we spent nice weekend with friends in Nitra and we took part on CACIB Nitra dog show. Grace took third place with excellent ! Friday 07/12/2012 we attended a night dogtrekking competition and in the category "women - 15 km" we took 2nd place !

...from Nitra dog show :)


• 29.11.2012 -

We decided to take advantage of the autumn weather in the Tatras by hiking in our beautiful mountains. Two weekends in a row we visited the High Tatras. I created a new gallery - Hiking in the Tatras. Our Grace loves hiking and became a real mountain chamois :)


• 13.11.2012 -

At the weekend 10-11.11.2012 we took part on the 2x CACIB CRAIOVA in Romania. Adventurous journey full of unforgettable experiences will stay long in our memories. We made a great trip - we visited the beautiful Romanian mountains (South Carpathians) and beautiful parks (Nicolae Romanescu & Botanical Park) in the city of Craiova. Of course, in addition to experience, we brought home a nice awards: Grace in the youth class 2x Exc.1, 2x CAC, 2x JBOB, 2x BOB and became the Juniorchampion. Thanks to our friend Katka (Fellow of Eternity kennel) and her collie Samanthe Sue for a great company!


• 07.11.2012 -

With Grace we do very actively the hiking - between our favorite targets are of particular hills and rocks. Outputs are rewarded with magnificent views. From each trip remain us beautiful memories and always some nice photos ... we love to share the best of them - as these beautiful photos from Brzotin´s rocks.


• 17.10.2012 -

We have great news! Yesterday arrived the official certificate from Grace´s hips examination - HD A / A, ED 0/0 !!! We are of course very happy, as Grace has done all the most necessary examinations, so that we can plan puppies for the future, but first of all, we can fully develop her great sport talent and temperament which makes us very happy since her early age.


We have super news for Collie lovers: In Slovakia, the long-awaited litter was born in kennel Zelené tuje. I recommend this litter of exceptional pedigree quality, after heath checked parents with perfect characters.


• 05.10.2012 -

At 21-23.09.2012 we took part on the long-awaited meeting of collie´s friends and lovers called "Weekend with Lassie" in the beautifu village Oščadnica. It were attended 32 dogs, including 19 collies! These three days were definitely one of our finest this summer. Grace, who loves dogs and people, was also in "seventh heaven" with so many friends and attention :) Photos you can find here: "Weekend with Lassie". With Grace we visited our friends – family Suvák (kennel Jantárová hviezda) and spent a perfect day. We went to enjoy the sunset on beautiful meadows with collie friends - photos you can find here. We add also some new photos to Grace´s photogallery.


Our most beloved Grace celebrates - Today - October 5, her first birthday! She has grown to beautiful young lady and surpassed all our expectations. We are very happy that we have her, a huge thanks goes to her breeders, our dear friends: Gilles and Jocelyne Mervant for the trust - and for the most beautiful blue puppy in the world :))


• 25.09.2012 -

Last weekend we took part on the sheeps farm in Turany for training and herding test. The judge was Miroslav Koško, CZ (7x champion CZ in herding dogs trial). Grace passed the official exam of "herding instincts test". She is totally exited in herding! Some nice photos from this action you can find here.


...with diploma from exams :)


• 12.09.2012 -

Yesterday 1 year has passed since our dear Yaschka left us :( We miss her terrible...
I added to the gallery some photos from the trip in the Slovak Paradise.


• 08.09.2012 -

01.09.2012 we took part at Special club show in Košice. Judged by breed specialist, Mr. István Székely. Grace in her almost 11 months, got CAJC in the youth class and became the Special club show youth winner. In the final competitions, with dog Bons Carpathain Paradise dog she win the 1. BIS BRACE. The atmosphere at the show was great, the dogs also enjoyed it, because after the show they could play a lot. Grace also fullfiled required conditions to become brood bitch. With Grace we enjoy a lot of summer trips and visited many beautiful places. Hiking is excellent for healthy physical and mental life of a dog is also excellent preparation for our future sport plans. Soon I will put some new pictures :) Watch also our Facebook profile, and there you will find a lot of interesting news from our lives.


Grace v kruhu Najkrajší pár psov Foto z výletu :)


• 10.08.2012 -

Update in section successes - Grace ( 10 months old) took part on the Zakopane CAC - the dog show in the very nice environment under the High Tatras. She obtained Excellent 1, CAJC. The show was perfect and also the athmosphere with our friends.


Grace in ring After-show fun :))


• 20.07.2012 -

Update in section successes - Grace had during the weekend an show debut in youth class - CAC Nowy Targ, PL. She was great! She obtained Excellent 2 and presented herself very very nice.


After-show fun with best friend Samantha :)


• 05.07.2012 -

Today, Grace is celebrating her 9 months. She is already a young lady, but still crazy :) She can show her temperament on Sunday, when we traveled into the neighboring Czech Republic, to visit the sheeps on a farm Vsetín. Grace was thrilled and she shows her natural herding aptitudes. Photogallery of this beautiful day you can see here. We have also added some new photos to the Grace´s gallery. We have also some other photos, they will coming soon.


• 13.05.2012 -

Again one new update of our site, with new nice photos. Grace is 7 months old and she is quite a big girl now. At 06.05.2012 we took part at the Meeting of collie lovers in Žilina, at Višňovská valley. This time at the meeting was attended by up to 17 dogs. After a beautiful sunny walk and barbecue part of our group visited the downtown of Žilina. We had a wonderful day with friends! Some nice photos you can find here. Some wonderful photos from walk with smooth collies one late afternoon you can in this gallery.


• 20.04.2012 -

Added new photos to Grace´s gallery from the eastern collie walk. Our Grace loves the play with another dog-friends. She is always so happy. At the weekend took place the Slovak club show of collies and shelties in Hurbanovo. Grace was very sweet and clever on her very first show - and she was awarded in puppy class as Very promising and BIS PUPPY. More info in section successes.


• 28.03.2012 -

Added new photos to Grace´s gallery from the trip to Bratislava. Grace likes travelling, so it was no problem to her travel 5 hours by a train :) She slept all the way :D


• 05.03.2012 -

Grace has today 5 months ! She is still larger, smarter and more beautiful puppy :) On that occasion, we have added the photos from the last period in to her photogallery.


• 22.02.2012 -

Today we got official result of MDR1 examination. Our Grace got the best result: MDR1 +/+ ! Grace is doing well, she growing into the beauty! Every day with her is a big pleasure for us :)


• 08.01.2012 -

There are more than 3 weeks now, that we have our Grace at home. She reached her 4 months, and she settled very nice here. She is very active, curious and temperament puppy, with excellent strong character. We have much fun and joy with her :) I already finished a new photogallery for her :)


• 19.01.2012 -

We have new addition to our kennel! It is the awaited blue girl Grace Kelly Blues du Clos de Seawind, called "Grace". She comes from the famous french kennel Du clos de Seawind from Mr. Gilles Mervant. Dear Gilles & Jocelyne, thank you very much for this beautiful little girl!


• 01.01.2012 -

We wish to all our friends happy New Year 2012 full of successes and joy!


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