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News in our Rough collie kennel:

04.06.2017 - 

This weekend gone to her new home our fantastic Baywatch Babe "Neli"...she loved to slept with my in bed...I will miss her soooo much ! But in her new family an aussie friend is waiting for her and she will have very bright sport future ! We wish all the best to the new owners with this precious girl with fantastic character.


I made nice videos to our sweet girls (still for sale - only for serious ownersBillie Jean "Ginka" and Babydoll "Emka". Puppies are fully house-clean trained and they have fantastic characters. They are also fully vaccinated. We took them for another socialisation - this time to the train station. We spent about an hour watching the trains, meeting people and so on. Our 3 girls did very well, I think they are gettting ready to be a perfect city dogs. And we also visited sheeps for the first time. They also meet with a very nice cat and as you can see on video, they liked each other. I also took my girls for the first time to the know the water...and they were totally happy and excited from water. Im also very happy, that they are so TOP in character.





And now some news from the life of our adult collies: Saturday, 27.5. we took part on the competition Dogtrekking Slovenský raj. It was heavy 22km track with elevation 1130 m in mountains, ravines, rocks. I took all my 3 collies there. It was my first dogtrekk after a "puppy break", so I really did not have any high expectations for a good results - so I was really happy and suprised that we obtained 7th place with really great time. I also added one nice video from our favourite activity with my collies - bikejoring.


22.05.2017 - 

We added photos of our puppy´s girls in their age of 11 weeks - BabydollBillie Jean a Baywatch Babe. I added photos also to another puppies from B-litter and also to Alex "All Inclusive" from litter A. Many thanks for nice photos to their owners ! We still have two beautiful girls for sale:


Our beautiful girl Anime Elle "Miška" presented herself beautifully at the IDS Litoměřice, where she obtained beautiful results as Excellent 3 !!! Many thanks to her owner Jitka for excellent presentation of Miška, which was on every show always awarded as Excellent, same as her sister Jaylin, our sweet girl. I´m really proud to my beautiful offsprings !

18.05.2017 - 

This weekend left us to his new home special boy Belmondo. He will be in future representing us on the shows and at sports. Wish you good luck, our special boy ! He was really very charismatic puppy ! But also other owners have big plans with our puppies :)


Finally we started again to train running with bike (bikejoring), and collies really loves it. Very beautiful photos from visit our friends in kennel Jantárová hviezda I added to the gallery - section Free time - Spring with puppies.



Jaylin is in fantastic condition after puppies, and really enjoys running and have fun in the nature. She was really fantastic mum...actually she is fantastic in to own such a girl !!! We still have one special puppy - very quality tricolor girl for sale - only for serious people who can appreciate the quality of our puppies and breeding work. We made a new photos of puppies in the age of 10.5 weeks - actually we have at home only 3 girls - BabydollBillie Jean a Baywatch Babe. We added new photos to their cards and also some together photos to the gallery below their cards.



We took our puppies to the socialisation walk to Main street in our hometown Košice. It is the 2nd biggest town in Slovakia, so the streets are full of people and very noisy. They were fantastic - brave, happy, curious and loves to meet people. I´m so proud to them, we spent a perfect time with them in the city. My friend Katka a and her 4 months old collie puppy Hanny joined us.



09.05.2017 - 

This weekend went to his new home beautiful Bvlgari and nice temperament girl Billion Stars in Her Eyes. They have wonderful owners, and we are very thankful to them for the trust and we wish them all the best with our puppies. My puppies are very clever, they just understand, that toilet is doing outside :P We are learning them to walk on the leash and to understand commands "come here" & "sit down". We are using clicker training, and they are learning so quickly ! I think new owners will have a big joy from them :)

02.05.2017 - 

It was busy weekend for us and also for our puppies. Many socialisation visits, some nice trips with car to meadows, and also the leaving of some of our pups to their new homes. This weekend left us boys Bear Grylls and Bebe Keksík and our blue princess, big hope to the future Be The One and Only. All three pups will have fantastic owners and will be loved members of family. Many thanks for great care, in advance !

27.04.2017 - 

Our puppies have spent fantastic last two weeks ! Every day is something new happend ! 2 weeks ago they were on the car trip to our friends at Jantárová hviezda kennel and they met with friendly Schapendoes puppies. Take a look to VIDEO !!! They were happy from agility tunnel, house for puppies or sandpit with balls. Then, in the age about 6,5 weeks our puppies were at their first visit to the vet - they were microchipped, vaccinated and got their petpasses. We know, how important socialisation is, so we are learning puppies to: wear their collars, make their toilet outdoors, to know new places, floors, people and dogs, get used to strange noises and sounds...and sound of tools like a: mower, vacuum cleaner, gardening tools, tractor, cars, barking of other dogs, banging of pots and other house noises...and many more. Our puppies during last weekend successfuly completed their eyes testing. In Slovakia we have only 3 eyes specialist (ESVO) so we traveled 320 km to clinic, to check if our puppies are healthy. We are happy, because we got very good results. Our puppies was fantastic – they traveled together more than 600 km, 8 hours in car – with NO PROBLEM, they were sleeping all the way, no vomitting in car, any „toilet accident“ (we made break every 2 hours, they immediately made a toilet outside...) They was so happy in vet clinic and also we met our friends Andrea with her 2 sweet dachshunds, puppies loves them !!! We are so proud of our wonderful puppies !!! They are so great in character !



We did a new photos to our puppies ! Some together photos and also photos to each pup - which I added to their personal cards. We have still tricolour girl for sale !!! We are looking for loving owner. Our puppies will be great family members, they have high potential to various sports or shows....and to be your best friend !

15.04.2017 - 

Our collie puppies have just 6 weeks and they are just fantastic ! A happy, outgoing and cuddly puppies. It is a big joy to have such a vivacious litter ! Finally a nice weather was nice at the photoshoot day, so we were able to make first outdoor photos ! We add photos to the cards to every pup. Next weeks higher level of socialisation is waiting for our puppies - they will try to travel by car, meet new dogs, people, different environments and also time to visit the vet ! Now it is much more easier to see, which puppy is calmer, which is more active...It is such a fantastic experience for a breeder.


13.04.2017 - 

During the weekend a big canine event for "collie lovers" took place - our Club show. This time it was really special for me, because my A litter was reunited here (of course, our mum Jaylin stayed at home, with their puppies). Beautiful and elegant lady Anima Elle "Miška", with so gentle sweet nature was awarded as Excellent in open class. Our fluffy teddy bear All Inclusive "Alex" took part in competition Child and dog with his young master Barborka (9) and they did fantastic job ! Our queen B - Grace was presented herself in champion class with Excellent and nice judgement. Unfortunately, some bad insect bited her, and she got bad toxic now we are healing her wound on the muzzle :( Anyway, we spent wonderful day with our friends, with great atmosphere. Many thanks to owners of my offspring for a great care about them ! And many thanks for photos to Peter Suvák.



06.04.2017 - 

Our puppies will have tomorrow exactly 5 weeks. They are very active, playful and curious. At the weekend was so nice and warm, so they visited garden for the first time. They were fascinated from the outside world :) We made them also a big new puppy playpen in living room, because whelping box was too small for them. We made a new photos to every pup, so you can see their development :)



29.03.2017 - 

Our beautiful puppies will have 4 weeks. They just learned how to eat mixed dry food, their teeth grew up and they starting to growl, bark and are very very sweet and playful. The whelping box started to be too small for them, so we are preparing for them a puppy playpen, who is really big (half livingroom, haha). In next days we will also show them for the 1st time our garden. We made a new photos of our beautiful pups... In the case of interest, we have still one boy and one girl available !


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