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News in our Rough collie kennel:

25.07.2014 - 

Our sweet little puppies goes well, they are two weeks already and started to opening their eyes. We make them some new photos. Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák.

14.07.2014 - 

Big news in our kennel ! At 11.07.2014 our "A litter" was born ! We have 5 beautiful puppies: 2 blue-merle girls, 1 blue-merle boy, 1 tricolor girl, 1 tricolor boy. Puppies goes very well also their proud mum Grace. More information you can find in section puppies.


06.07.2014 - 

We repeated clinical eyes examination to our sweet Grace and she is again CEA/PRA/KAT - FREE ! (as puppy and now also as an adult). We also did a genetical examination of PRA and the results are also great - PRA-rcd2 +/+ (non-affected) ! We are very happy for another great health results ! I add some nice photos of Grace from the trip with her friend, smoothie Bryš.



20.05.2014 - 

Not so far from our town there was a nice small regional dog show in village Dvorianky. With my collie-friends we decided to attend and present our sweet breed. Our Grace presented herself very nice and obtained the best results - Excellent 1, Class winner and Regional winner. We spend a beautiful sunny day with our friends and our doggies ;)


04.05.2014 - 

We added two new photos to the gallery of our sweet Grace in her age 2.5 years. We also added one nice album from the last months hiking in Hungarian village Derenk and castle Szátvár. Enjoy ♥

24.04.2014 - 

Beautiful spring weekend inspired me to organize a small meeting of Collies near our town. Grace loves the company of other dogs - she is so playful, incredibly gentle, patient and of course, very very mischief :) View the photos from our meeting in the gallery Collies meetings.

07.04.2014 - 

That collies are wonderful fellows to any activity, knows every receptive Collie owner. Take a look to an interview about our favourite activity - hiking with a dog - published at the Polish portal "Kudłacze w podróży" which is dedicated to stories about of traveling with dogs. You can read it in Slovak-Polish version, and also in English version.

21.03.2014 - 

The spring is here and the beautiful weather comes with it. I added some new photos from our last hikes. Nice pictures from Low Tatras´s national park in Tále I added to album Hiking Tatras and I made a new album from hiking beautiful and unique Silická plateau. Hoping you will enjoy ♥

18.02.2014 - 

I have added to the gallery a wonderful video from our summer vacation in Norway with dogs, through the scenic Norwegian nature.

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