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Our collie roughs news - 25.10.2020

With Dexter and Ginka we 27.09.2020 took part on Canicross "Rozbehaj svojho Bodreeka - Bosorkin canicross".  Dexter was on canicross 4 km´s track and I was at the same track with bike. With Ginka we were 3rd in woman cathegory !!!

We had some show plans for Autumn, but unfortunatelly because of coronavirus all shows in Slovakia were cancelled from October till end of the year. But Im very happy that our 3 kids from C-litter caught up some shows in September ! And all three very successfully ! At 19.09.2020 on CACIB Nitra, judged by Mr. András Polgár, our Cmukynka was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC ! Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" got Excellent 1, CAC at Polish Club show - XXXII Klubowa Wystawa Psów Pasterskich Ras Niepolskich Wawrzkowizna and Clark Kent "Milo" was awardes again as Excellent 1, CAC at CACIB Leszno ! Many thanks for my great owners !!!


The best thing I managed to do this autumn was a vacation at Baltic sea !!! Take a look to the photos from my BELOVED Baltic sea 2020. During the way I visited 5/6 of my polish offsprings - Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" + Be The One and Only "Bianca" in Gdynia, Donutella "Milka" in Gdanks and Easter Bunny "Brumko" with Babydoll "Wronia" in Krakow ! They are all doing great !!! Many thanks for hospitality to their owners ! 


Take a look to new photos to gallery Trips mix 2020 !. At the 5.10.2020 our fantastic QUEEN Grace celebrated her 9th Birthday ! She is still in great condition ! Wish you MANY HEALTHY YEARS my dear Grace ! Our Emka celebrated 10.10.2020 her 6th months ! She is very active, mischievous lady...I think I can call her Grace junior :D