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Collie Rough puppies

Our females are our beloved companion and not a factory for puppies! Due to the active life with our Collies, as well as preserving unique genetic material our girls will never have more than 2 litters per life. We are mating bitches after they reached at least 2 years.


We are planning puppies in 2023.

All puppies will be in tricolour and blue-merle colour.




For information or reservation of puppies from our kennel, feel free to contact us by an e-mail. Please only serious people, who knows, why they want a puppy from our kennel ! Our past litters you can view in section litters.


Our breeding aim:


Our aim in breeding is to keep Collie Rough as an elegant social and working breed that dazzle with its majestic looks, typical sweet and intelligent expression. Our goal is to reach an excellent long body with an elegant neck and correct angulation to show up in the easy and beautiful movement. Strong and athletic frame ensures endurance collies at work and sport. We place great emphasis on the character of our breeding stocks, which must be absolutely balanced, unconflictful, fearless, with a high temperament and self-confidence. It is very important for us to keep correct height in our breed and we are very proud of the very good height of our lines. All our Collies have herding instinct test passed. Collies used in our breeding are clinically and genetically tested for various hereditary diseases, by which we want to eliminate health problems at our offspring. We prefer new owners who know why they want to buy a puppy from us - and have a serious interest in the breed. We dont breed dogs, we breed family members masked as dogs ;)


Choosing a future owners:


We are always trying to choose a best family homes for our puppies. Collies loves the children, other dogs, loves to play and share together activities with their human family. Collies are cheerful and sociable dogs that adapt to any lifestyle, if they feel, that the are loved. Of course, that we will be happy, if owners will be interested in the shows or breeding, but our priority is, that our puppies will grow up in love and attention. Collies are a special breed which will change your life, if you will open your heart to them. Sorry, but we do not sell puppies to big kennels, where dogs are living all the time outside on the yard. Collies need to be with their human as often as possible.