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Welcome on the pages of Collie rough kennel YALESS BLUE !

we are family kennel,
established in 2009. We would like to enrich breeding with producting typical puppies of modern lines with big emphasis on health, character and balanced exterior. My breeding aim is also produce Collies not only for show rings, but also with ability to work !


We would like to specialize to breed blue merle and tricolor collies, because we believe that success in breeding of these colors is directly proportional to the specific knowledges about these lines and also a lot of passion. We believe that years of experiences and studies we transform in the form of nice and healthy puppies that will make their owners happy.


Love for Collies accompanied me since my childhood but I became serious interested in the breed around 1999 when I started to watch what is happening in the collie world and also to visit dog shows. In 2001 I created the information pages about breed. It was the first Collie infoportal in Slovakia. Currently I´m a secretary and webmaster of "Slovak Collie & Sheltie club" and participate actively in the organization of shows, events and publications about our breed.


Collie Rough - kennel YALESS BLUE

Me and my wonderful collies - Dexter, Grace, Jaylin and Ginka (2018)


About our collies:


• In June 2007 we imported a beautiful Rough Collie female - blue-merle Rineweld Zaria The Princess (Yaschka) from the Hungarian Kennel "Rineweld". After many years it was the first blue merle import to Slovakia. Her mother was a beautiful bitch: "Rineweld Awantgarde At Sheewena", very successful show and brood bitch. She was daughter of famous, Elite A reproducter in France - ICh Narwick Silver Blue De Cathyja. Yaschka was an exceptional personality. She was a wonderful fellow, friend, such a dependant, which you have always on heels. Her exterior was charming, but for us - the most important was her character, loyalty and love that she gave us every day. She was proud and majestic - active and self-confidence. Always and everywhere the first. She was very clever and always willing to learn new things and so we used to do the obedience training and dogdancing. Her favourite activity was hiking. She was the first collie in Slovakia, which was actively doing the the competitive dogtrekking. She has also a strong herding instinct - she has successfully passed the herding instincts test - as the first Rough Collie in Slovakia. Thanks to her sports activities she became a TOP WORKING COLLIE 2010. Despite she does not like the dog shows, she has on her account quite a decent collection of titles and championships. She became also a 4.TOP COLLIE 2008. Unfortunately at September 11, 2011 our Yaschka left us at the age of only 4.5 years because of genetic kidney disease. There will never be one like her ! She will forever remain in our hearts as our first and most amazing collie.

• In January 2012 we made our second import from the famous french kennel „Du Clos de Seawind“ - we have imported new blue-merle hope Grace Kelly Blues du Clos de Seawind (Grace). In her pedigree she leads currently the most quality french tricolor and blue-merle lines „Chemin des Randonnées“, „Clos de Seawind“ and „Clos de Montamer“. Grace is our handful girl and she make us very happy. She is very active, temperament with fantastic balanced character. She loves to run, retrieving and we are actively doing the hiking, dogtrekking and canicross. Despite her young age, she is very successful at dog shows and also in sports. She became the TOP youth collie rough bitch for 2012 and in show successes she is still continues... In her age of only 11 months she has passed her first exam - a herding instincts test and has become the most successful sporting Collie at Slovakia in 2013 and again in 2014 ! We are also very happy from her excellent health results. Grace has everything we could wish for a Collie and we believe that her beautiful exterior, character and health will be also a typical characteristic of our offspring.


• In the 2014 our own breeding history started to be written. We made unique combination of the high quality european lines and we laid the basic cornerstone of our own line. Our longtime dream became a reality and "our own" beautiful blue-merle bitch All I want is You was born to us. Our "Jaylin" become the flagship of our kennel and I can honestly say, that she inherits the best of her parents. Our Jaylin is responsible and absolutely self confident female, she is the most kind collie ever ! Jaylin is successful in the show rings and also in dog sports - she is very clever in obedience and dogdancing and likes bikejoring. In her age of 14 months she has passed her first exam - a herding instincts test.


Our third Collie is mischievous tricolour boy, who completely stole my heart, and I simply could not resist him ! Amadeus Mozart "Dexter" is from his birth an extraordinary dog. He was born as the first, with a tongue lolling out :) He is very active, clever and vidid dog. Dex is my personal faithful shadow :) He is very promissing in his exterior and I see a great sport´s potential in him - like his mum Grace, he is very good in dogtrekking, canicross and also very clever in dogdancing and obedience. We are actively training agility and I think he will be a future star in his sport. In his age of 14 months she has passed her first exam - a herding instincts test.


The 4th member of our team is black swan Ginka - Billie Jean. Ginka is tricolour bitch, daughter of my homebred Jaylin. She is just a 2nd generation of Yaless Blue collies and I hope, she will continue in my own line, which is well known for beauty, health and good character, with sport abilities. Ginka is the dog of one master, her world is spinning just around me and her character is combination of natural obedience, devotion, respect, with a great deal of temperament and taste to work. She passed exam NHAT - Natural herding attitude test. She's a tough girl with a sensitive soul inside. She is very interested in agility and, actually, everything else - she enjoys every activity. She loves show rings and she is shining like a star on every show.


The next follower of our bloodlines is the beautiful blue-merle girl Cmukynka, who is living with her owner not so far from me. She is extra temperament and active girl, reminds me her mum Grace. She is very elegant in her body and head, very athletic with so nice body proportions, sweet head and beautiful colour. With her unbelievable active character, great health & show results and superb pedigree she will continue our lines under our kennel.


Our collies are our family members, they are living with us in close contact, inside the house. During the day they have available big yard and every day they we take them for a long walks to beautiful meadows and forests around. Breeding is only a hobby for us, so every litter is carefully and long term planned. More about our plans and breeding aims, you can read in section puppies.



Mgr. Jana Brossmannová
Košice, Slovensko

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