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News in our Rough collie kennel:

21.02.2019 - 

Our great litter B celebrated at magical date 3.3. their 3 years ! Also our wonderful black swan Ginka !!! I wish them to be always happy and healthy, because this is most important !! I want to thanks very much to all my B-owners for such a great care ! When we are "talking" about this litter, I need to say, Im very proud to Belmondo, who last year took part on 6 official agility competitions, and started this year with successful 7th place (from 27 entries) on agility competition "Písečné jumpy v Mikulově" - Jumping LA1. Thanks to his owner Lenka for a great representation ! Also another B-pup - Be The One and Only "Bianca" started to train agility. And she is also very clever ! I added some new photos to gallery Trips mix 2020. And finally, another sister Baywatch Babe "Nelinka" was on her X-ray and results are perfect - she is healthy - HD A/A, ED 0/0 !!!


Some show news: Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" took part on the CACIB show Bydgoszcz 16.02.2020, PL -  judged by Tatiana Romanovskaya (BY) - Eira was awarded in youth class as Excellent 2 !! Many thanks Kasia for representation ! I hope we will have soon nice and positive news, because now all competitions and shows are cancelled, because of bad covid-19. So, lets hope world will be happy and healthy soon ! 


06.02.2020 - 

Health results: All our litter C were during January on the X-ray of hips and the results are amazing ! Clark Kent "Milo"Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" and also Cmukynka are HD A/A and ED 0/0 !!! Im mega-proud of ! And one bonus news - Baywatch Babe "Nelinka" was in her 2,5 years re-tested for eyes and her results are great - CEA/PRA/KAT - free ! Tested by eyes-specialist B.Lenská, ČR.


Show news: Beautiful Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" took part on the national show (CAC) Brodnica o/Toruń - 11.01.2020 and in the youth class she was awarded as Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB, judged by Boris Spoljaric (HR). Again many thanks to Kasia and Eira !!! You are great ! At 25-26.1. I took part with Cmukynka and Ginka on the CACIB show in Nitra (judger by Mr. Miroslav Kotuláš, SR & Carla Milinari, PRT) and both girls did very well ! Cmukynka was awarded in strong competition as Excellent 2 and she fulfilled required conditions to became a BROOD BITCH....of the higherst - 1st cathegory !!! So we can plan puppies with her in the 2021.... Our Ginka presented herself very nice in open class as Excellent 2, r.CAC and second day as Excellent 1, CAC !!!  She is now very close to reach her champion title ! 



On the page collie-online our two offsprings Belmondo a Billion Stars in Eye "Maggie" became a stars ! They picked them between 12 most beautiful collies in collie online calendar 2020 ! I added some new photos to Trips mix 2020 gallery. And also some new photos to gallery of Dirigentka "Riri" which I visited last days.


07.01.2020 - 

Our beautiful offspring Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" took part on the national dog show X. Karnawałowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych in Sopot and in the youth class she obtained - Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB (judge Iwona Przeworska, PL) and by this she fulfilled required conditions to became a Polish Juniorchampion ! We are very proud to you, Eira ! Many thanks dear Kasia for a great representation !



My beloved Dirigentka "Riri" went to her new home. She stayed here in Slovakia, and she will represent our kennel at show and we hope, that also in breeding, in future. I wish her new owners lot of joy and happiness...she is really very special and amazing. Take a look to the galleries of our D-girls for a new photos from my friend, Lucia Drietomská ( ). Many thanks !!!


29.12.2019 - 

Our puppies from C litter celebrated at 8th December their 1st Birthday ! Clark Kent "Milo"Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" & Cmukynka grew up to a beautiful and very successful dogs, Im really proud of to them ! They all 3 represented our kennel and are living in fatastic families ! I hope they will also leave a trail in the future breeding. I hope so :)


Clark Kent "Milo" took part on IDS Lublin, Poland, at 15.12.2019 and was awarded as Excelent, CAJC and Qualification for Cruft's 2020 ! Judge was Andrzej Zamoyski, PL. Milo by this fulfilled the required conditions to became a POLISH JUNIORCHAMPION ! Many thanks to his owner Marzena to a great representation !


Puppies from D litter have during Christmas 8 weeks. They spent with us all christmas holiday and they enjoyed it to the bits ! Going on visits, driving by car and everything was sooooo perfect for them. They are so great ! Our Donutella "Milka" this weekend left us to her new home, to far away north Poland, where she will have two furry friends - labrador retrievers and she will be a profesional canistherapy dog in future. Dear Kamila, we wish you all the best with Milka, thank you for your confidence in our kennel ! I added some new photos to their personal galleries...and more photos soon ! 


04.12.2019 - 

Our puppies already have 5 weeks. I added new photos to their gallery. Our girls already have their names :) We also have very nice news - our offsprings were very successful at dog shows - last weekend took our Baywatch Babe "Neli" part on a Club show in Kladno, ČR, where she obtained Very good (judge Anna Kochan, PL) and successfully passed the breeding exam - and became a brood bitch ! Good luck Jitka with future breeding plans with Neli ! Our 11-months old kids Clark Kent "Milo" and Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira", both living in Poland, took part on the IDS Kielce, where they were very successful (judge: Maria Teresa Gabrielli, IT). Milo was Excellent 1, CAJC, Polish junior Winner Kielce 2019 and Eira obtained Excellent 1, CAJC, Polish Junior Winner Kielce 2019 and Best Junior. Many congrats to Marzenka & Kasia and keeping my fingers crossed for another successes !


15.11.2019 - 

Puppies are now more than 2 weeks old and they are doing great. Mum Jaylin have super-milk and she is caring about them like from a fairytale. They just opened their eyes and started to explore the world around them. The most beautiful period now started. I added some new photos to their gallery. At 7.11.2019 I was celebrating 10 year-anniversary of foundation my kennel YALESS BLUE !!!


03.11.2019 - 

In the time of Haloween some mystical things happend here ! You do not believe ? So, then take a look here ! ♥ We have beautiful puppies !!!


30.10.2019 - 

Finally I caught some time to update my site. So what´s new in past couple months? 


Show successesSecond biggest event in our country is behind us - Special Club show, Košice judged by Mr. Gábor Hargitai, HU. Our collies presented themselves very nicely and got very nice results. Our offsprings: Bebe Keksík "Kekso", was awarded in open class as Excellent 2, r.CAC and he fulfilled the conditions for stud dog of 1st breeding cathegory ! His brother Bvlgari "Bebe" in the same class got very good and presented himself really beautifully, as always. Cmukynka, our big lady, presented herself 1st time in youth class and got Excellent 2. My collies: Ginka was in very nice coat condition and won the open class with Excellent 1, CAC. Grace was first time presented in Veteran class and got Excellent 1 and later the BIS VETERAN !!! Yaless Blue kennel was awarded also as BEST KENNEL of SHOW and Grace with her grandson Bvlgari "Bebe" got the BIS COUPLE ! What a perfect day !


In July we took part with our YB team also at the CACIB Veľká Ida. 06.07.2019 - judged by Mr. István Székely, HU our Bvlgari "Bebe" got Excellent 1, CAC, our Jaylin won open class with Excellent 1, CAC and became a new SLOVAK CHAMPION !!! Our star Cmukynka in puppy class won Very promissing 1. Second day - 07.07.2019 was judged by Mr. Vladimír Piskay, SR and Cmukynka got very promissing 1Bvlgari "Bebe" got Excellent 1 and Ginka even she was in summer coat, got Excellent 2, r.CAC ! Photos from this shows I added to gallery Shows 2019.



MeetingsThis summer I organised few meetings for my Yaless Blue offsprings with their families. Im very happy, because this summer I met !!! ALL !!! my offsprings from A, B and C litter ! Im very happy breeder. Nice photos from meetings you can find in gallery Yaless blue meetings 2019.



News - puppies litter A: Our offspring Anima Elle "Miška" took part on two shows this summer - Intercanis Brno 22.06.2019 where in open class was awarded as Excellent 3, judged by Gabriela Ridarčíková. At 29.09.2019 she was awarded as Excellent 2 at the Regional dog show Louny. Congratulations Miška & Jitka ! I added new photos from all my offsprings from A litter to their galleries.


News - puppies litter BOur multitalented Belmondo took part on the few agility competitions from summer, and he is very fast and clever dog. Few successes from his agility career: 12.10.2019 Podzimní Brno - exam LA1 -, Open Agility and 26.10.2019 Mladeč - Nové Zámky - VI.Agility cup Nové Zámky, exam LA1- In summer he took part on the Intercanis Brno - judged by Gabriela Ridarčíková, in open class he was Excellent 2, r.CAC. On this show presented herself very nice also his sister Baywatch Babe "Neli". She took part also in dogtrekking in summer: 2-4.8.2019 Dogtrekking Krajem břidlice (LONG 83 km). Nelinka & Jitka, you are great ! I added new photos from all my offsprings from B litter to their galleries.


News - puppies litter C:  Besides show results of our star Cmukynka, which I mentioned up, she took part also at Intercanis Brno, CZ, where she obtained Very promissing 1, judged by Gabriela Ridarčíková. Rest of her siblings are very actively representing us also: our superman Clark Kent "Milo" was very successful at these shows: 21.09.2019 - XXXI Club Show of Shepherd Dogs - Wawrzkowizna O.Łódź, judged by Olga Kuprianova-Sinko (SLO) -he obtained Excellent 2 as an youngest participant in youth class ! At 15.09.2019 - NDS Stara Miłosna, judged by Krystyna Szulc (PL) - Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior and his third show was Very promissing 1 & BOB Puppy on NDS Łąck (o. Płock) 15.06.2019, judged by Dorota Paź (PL). Many thanks to Marzena for a great care, I´m very proud of our prince ! Our swan Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" was born for a show ring and she is natural talent ! She took part at these shows: 21.09.2019 - XXXI Club Show of Shepherd Dogs - Wawrzkowizna O.Łódź, judged by Olga Kuprianova-Sinko (SLO), Excellent 2 in youth class. Next day 22.09.2019 - NDS Wawrzkowizna O.Łódź, judged by Karin Juto Hedberg (SE), Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior !!! And during the summer IDS Sopot 10.08.2019, puppy class: Very promissing 1 & BOB Puppy. I would like to thanks from the bottom of my heart to my dear friend Kasia for a great care and representation with my two treasures Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" and Be The One and Only "Bianca"I added new photos from all my offsprings from C litter to their galleries.


Our collies: In autumn we took part on the two unof. agility competitions with our black team DexiGinka. 20.10.2019, Ukončenie agility sezóny, which was very successful competition, especially for my Ginka, which gained 1st place in LA cathegory. Next was Avocahop, where both my clever collies was at 2n places in their cathegories. Some new photos from agility I added to gallery Agility. At 29.09. Ginka took part at Bosorkin canicross, where in the cathegory Bikejoring-woman, won 5th place. At the end of August we were on the short vacation in France, and enjoyed to the bits ! You can find photos from our vacation in gallery France 2019. Also photos from our trips I added to gallery Trips mix 2019. I´m very happy, that our Cmukynka was again on her eyes examination by ESVO vet, and she is totally CEA/PRA/KAT - free. I hope she will be our future breeding hope



Anniversaries: At 5.10. celebrates her 8th B-day our fantastic Grace - she travelled through half Europe, hiked lot of highest mountains, chased tons of deers, did so much mischievous things to me, that I can not count them :D She is THE BEST foundation bitch for my kennel, I can ever imagine...Dear Grace, you are (I hope) only in the half of our together journey through life...I have still a lot of great adventures for can look forward, wish you THE HEALTH ... and I'll do the rest! At the 11th of September we are thinking about my first collie Jaška, who left us 8 years ago. We still miss you ! Day 10.07. is special day, when our A litter celebrates their 5th B-day ! All the best, my dear Dexi, Jaylin, Miška, Alex !!!

18.05.2019 - 

News puppies litter A - Our Anime Elle "Miška" passed again her canistherapy exam, to continue in helping people in need. I´m very proud of you, Miška & Jitka ! Rest of A-litter - "All Inclusive - Alex", and our Dexter with Jaylin are happy and everything is OK :) 



News puppies litter B - Our kids celebrated 3.3.2019 their second B-day !!! All the best, my fantastic babies !!! Our Ginka spent her B-day with her sister Be The One and Only "Bianca" in Poland,  Gdynia, where we were at that time. Photos from our vacations at Baltic Sea you can find here. Both girls have perfect B-day party ! Our multitalented Belmondo attended two showsDUOCACIB Brno 2.-3.2.2019, in intermediate class Excellent 3 (judged by Timmins Dermot, IR) and Excellent 2 (judged by Judith Korozs-Papp, HU). Belmi, Im very proud of you and Lenka ! Belmi started to run his official agility competitons, started with 08.05.2019 - Třebíč - Calibra special, Moravský pohár kníračů, where he run clear and was awarded as 8th in LA1 -II LARGE. Bravo Belmi ! Baywatch Babe "Neli" took part at the LONG dogtrekk: (92 km) - 28.4.2019 - Za pokladem Jana Voka. Wow, Neli & Jitka, you are great ! I updated galleries from all my B-litter kids.




News puppies litter C - our great puppies left our kennel to their new homes. They will live in fantastic families and I hope, all 3 will be very successful at shows and in future breedingClark Kent "Milo" will be living in Poland with my very good friend Marzenka and her family with 2 blue-merle collies. Oh, what a lucky man ! Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" will be living also in Poland with my dear friend Kasia, and her family Be The One and Only "Bianca" is there waiting for her :P And our star Cmukynka stayed in Slovakia in coownership and I hope she will be a new future for our kennel. Many thanks for your trust and big luck with your C-puppies



Show successes13.-14.04.2019 took part the most important event of our club - Club show & Jubilee Special Club show in Lučenec. Our collies & offsprings had a lot of successes. The show was judged by two breed specialists: Wiel Smeijsters & Ruud Santen, from Holland. Our Grace is after puppies not in show condition, so from my dogs represented us Jaylin and Ginka. Both girls were both in open class in strong competitionJaylin was first day not a type of judge, but second day she rocks it...and became a Excellent 2, r.CACGinka both days as Excellent 4. Many thanks to Petra Karolusová for handling Jaylin. From our offsprings took part brothers Bebe Keksík "Kekso" a Bvlgari "Bebe"Bebe Keksík "Kekso" was handled by his owners, it was their premiere together and they were very cute in ring. Even Kekso was not awarded in first 4, he got very nice judgement and became a stud dog !!! Bvlgari "Bebe" was presented by his owner Agi and they are perfect together and in strong competiton Bebe got Excellent 4 and Excellent 3 !!! Our star Cmukynka was  very successful, at her first show she was awarded both days as Very promissing 1, BOB Puppy and BIS Puppy !!! In final competition kennel Yaless Blue won BIS KENNEL and Jaylin with her son Bebe were awarded as 2.BIS COUPLE. Many thanks to judges and my friends for a great weekend !


• 04.-05.05.2019 took part CACIB Lučenec - it was very rainy and muddy day, but very successful. Our Jaylin got Excellent 2, r.CAC and Cmukynka got Very promissing 1 and she became new puppy champion of Slovakia ! In the final competitons she was awarded as a 3.BIS PUPPY ! Judged by Mr. Miroslav Kotuláš. Second day was Cmukynka awarded as Very promissing 1 by Mr. Jaroslav Matyáš.


TOP DOG 2018: I need to thanks a lot to all my offsprings and their owners for a representation of my kennel during year 2018 - thanks to you all, my kennel became a 5th TOP KENNEL in Slovakia 2018. What is a HUGE success, because it was only with successes of A & B litter !!! I love you, my Yaless Blue collie family !!! My own dogs became in this competition: Grace - 2.TOP SPORTING COLLIE ROUGH & 11.TOP BROOD BITCH COLLIE ROUGH & 14.TOP BITCH COLLIE ROUGHDexter became 2.TOP SPORTING COLLIEJaylin - 2.TOP SPORTING COLLIE, 3.TOP BROOD BITCH COLLIE ROUGH & 18.TOP COLLIE ROUGH....and our Ginka - 1.TOP SPORTING COLLIE, 5.TOP JUNIOR BITCH COLLIE ROUGH & 22.TOP BITCH COLLIE ROUGH. Im very happy !



21.02.2019 - 

We added new photos to gallery of our puppies and to their personal cards from the last 3 weeks. Last weekend we managed the meeting and all 3 puppies met together and spent super time ! We wish all puppies perfect time in their new homes !!! 


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