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• 28.12.2009 -

We spent Christmas holiday wonderful. Everywhere smelt christmas cookies and Yaschka was sooo happy from her christmas present (a lot of dogs goodies obviously :) :) We send you our Christmas card.


13.12.2009 -

I added into the section gallery/actions and trips/hiking nice photos from one of the our ordinary "night hike". Btw. we are fine, we have nice new winter coat - ready to winter frost. And news of the week - Yaschka is in her season it is a big fun with her. Every walk takes a "half day" because our milady have to sniff and mark every clump of grass, because everybody must know, that her majestry "princess Yaschka the silver" is in her season. So I decided we will again begin to track, to employ her nose :D sa preto rozhodla, že začneme opäť viac trénovať stopovanie, keď Jaška od samej dobroty nevie čo s nosom :D


16.11.2009 -

Into the section gallery/actions and trips /herding I have added photos and report from border collie session and sheeps herding. And a little bit of nostalgia - I have added also photos from our unforgettable summer trip to Spiš Castle. Enjoy !


11.11.2009 -

We have it now officially! Today came by post officiall confirmation about our kennel from SKJ (FCI). As well we are great, I have added here one nice photo from rainy day in village where our grandma lives. And also some new links. Enjoy it!


31.10.2009 -

With coming of autumn Yaschka become a hyperactivity wonder :) She loves rain, cold and wind. She is simply a true Scottish sheepdog. So, who wants to handle our tempo, have to buy a really good tourist shoes :D I have added promised photos from our agility beginnings - you can find them in section gallery/actions and trips/agility.


24.10.2009 -

I have signed Yaschka to agility trainings. She loves it ! New fun for her. Many more because she is training also with her favourite friend - smoothie Dajra and with her new friend, young sheltie-boy Šejmi. She enjoys looong and big tunnel and also jumping. And we are looking forward to another barriers. We are still begginers. Yeah, and I will try to make some photos next time :)


11.10.2009 -

And we are back home from trip to Bratislava ! World dog show was a great experience full of impressions and beautiful dogs! We got a nice judgement and a valuation VG, seeing that Yaschka was in ring a little bit like a cowboy - girl :o) In section gallery/actions and trips I added some photos from this trip in Bratiskava..and we have also one perfect video - memory to Yaschka's summer 09 you have to see this !!!! And at last a big news - "Yaless Blue" became an official rough collie kennel !


04.10.2009 -

Hello! We are fine, now we had a little show - break, because we are a little bit out from coat. But a new, wonderful winter-coat is growing up, so you will see us on the Wordl dog Show in Bratislava. It will be a big experience for us. Otherwise we are great, the autumn is comming and Yaschka is very happy, because she likes cold weather. She is now like a mini-torpedo :) We have some new photos from Peter Suvák, from one show where were we only as an watchers :) Photo 1, photo 2.


30.08.2009 -

Hi! We are fine, we have a good holiday time and we have many new experiences. Now we have a little show-break, because we are dropping the coat out. For Yaschka lovers I have a little sample of her coat - for free :) You can order it on my e-mail :) :) I collected together some Yaschka's photos from her dogdancing performances. You can find them in section gallery/our activities/obedience&dogdancing. I can't forget that Yaschka will be again in polish forum calendar. You can view it in section successes or here. And don't forget to watch us - in next days will be another update :)


28.07.2009 -

Holidays are in full action so we used to make every day something interesting. We make many trips or go to swim seeing that Yaschka loves water and swimming. I added one new frightful video from June :) You can watch it in videogallery. And I had also add some nice photos from our doggy trip. You can find them in section gallery - actions and trips. At the conclusion - I added some new links - and that's all for today. But I will add something new soon - keep watch us!


14.07.2009 -

Sunday we took part on the Košice CAC and Yaschka obtained nice result: Excellent 2, r.CAC. More info and photos in section successes. From Monday to Tuesday we made a trip with camping under the Sivec hill. More info and photos can find in section gallery/actions and trips. And finally, we snaped our Yaschka a new photos, which made for us our friend Peter Suvák. You can view it here.


28.06.2009 -

As Yaschka likes to practise obedience and dog dancing, sometimes we used to perform our creations even out of training school. So few days ago we went perform our performance for handicapped children to a special school. Children was delighted... and Yaschka too. And even though Yaschka is very conservative at familiarization - with the help of kilo sponge biscuit she managed veeery cleverly :) :) More info and photos can find in section gallery/our activities/obedience&dogdancing.


21.06.2009 -

We attended regional dog show in Dvorianky, where was all day very rainy and windy...but all the more cheered us Excellent 1. More info and photos in section successes.


13.06.2009 -

Holidays begins, so we set out on trip to "the world". The first June weekend we took part in long-awaited shows in Nitra. Nitra Grand Prix CACIB and Club collie and sheltie show. Along with Yaschka we fighted both days Excellent 1 and CAC !!! This big treason in form of show marathon we had to compensate Yaschka in motto: "what an hour on show, that an kilometer on trip" So we were having a great vacation in Orava - on mountains near the village Zazrivá, where we were relax and enjoyed the most beautiful vacation at all. More info and photos about show you can find in section successes. Photos from our vacation you can find in gallery/actions and trips/Vacation on Orava And at last one bonus - in section successes - the article from "Kynological revue" about our Clubs history, where also our blue monkey took part on one photo :)


25.05.2009 -

Hello! Dont worry, we aren´t sleeping. We are fine....but currently we have many school duties... We will be back soon with new photos and infos... Up to now some new links.


03.05.2009 -

We are fine and after a few months of show break, we are again in good condition, so we are back in the show rings. Yaschka had opened new show season in the Banská Bystrica CAC, which she enjoyed very much and obtained a nice result: Excellent 3 with a pretty judgement. More info and photos you can find in section successes. We have also added some new links.


05.04.2009 -

I create a new bookmark in section gallery, which is the actions and trips, because our (and especially Yaschka´s) big hobby is hiking, so we are always making various trips. This section christen we by today's trip to Jánošíkova bašta. We have also added some new links to our page.


20.03.2009 -

Today our Yaschka celebrates her 2.birthday !!! Photos from her celebration you can find in gallery. We wish her lot of health, happines, joyfulness and many successes in her collie-life! We have made a short video, how we play a football with Yaschka ;) And...we have added some new links to our page.


20.02.2009 -

The biggest news is, that Yaschka following her show results became a 4.TOP COLLIE 2008 in our Slovak Club of collie and sheltie breeders, with 340 points from 10 shows. I must mention also the fact, that she is even the 8.TOP JUNIOR COLLIE with 73 / 4 points. Yaschka celebrates few days ago her 23 months. We are fine, Yaschka is very happy from the huge of snow around us - she loves winter and snow fun! We have added some new links to our page.


03.02.2009 -

We have added some new links to our page, so I must to write you some news. We are fine, I have now some school duties at home (diploma work and so on..) so all free time I spend with Yaschka, and we make many trips. Yaschka goes with fashion, so she is now changing her coat to a new - show coat for spring / summer 2009 :D  I will try to add some new photos in next days!


14.01.2009 -

We have added a new video from december Budapest CAC Derby to Yaschkas gallery. So, take a look ;)


01.01.2009 -

We wish you all the best and many successes in New year 2009! We were celebrating new year´s day on the cottage, with our friends, in very nice, small village. There was a wonderful nature and hills so we have made a long trip. Yaschka was very happy and we have together enjoyed new years fireworks. We have also add new photos of Yaschka to her photogallery.


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