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News in 2010:



• 01.01.2011 -

We wish you all the best in New Year 2011 ! A few days before we made a beautiful hike to Kráľova Hola - read the report and see the photos. On New Year's Eve we had at home a celebration with friends, so Yaschka was happy too ;)


• 22.12.2010 -

Christmas are knocking on the door and we planning to enjoy them to the fullest. Last weekend we made the nice walk with our friend Juraj and his collie-boy Rebel (Rebel Robespierre Zelené Tuje). I placed some photos below. This Saturday we made a trip to hill "Malý Milič" and Sunday to the the "Jahodná". Be sure to see the photos;) 40 km per week is quite a decent performance. Well, now I would to wish you a beautiful Christmas !!! See our Christmas card below:



• 07.12.2010 -

Again, we took of a beautiful frosty weekend for hiking - Saturday we went to the Slovak Paradise - which is beautiful in every season. In winter, it has incredibly fabulous magic, what do you can see for yourself in our photoreport, or even better - in the documentary video. Sunday was marked in more competitive spirit - by attending another dogtrekking we completed our 2010 season and already looking forward to the next :)


• 28.11.2010 -

This weekend it was snowing for the first time this year! Jaška was - as always - excited: "Snow is delicious, soft to run, it holds the smells good, and it is coooold" :O) We made the trip to Jánošíkova bašta near our city. Some nice photos you can find here. Friday, I managed to capture the autumn weather and I caught some photos of Yaschka playing in your garden, just for pleasure:


• 22.11.2010 -

After a tough week must be given a weekend relaxation in nature.  Although we have done so - Saturday we visited Silicka plateau (again in Slovak Karst). Photoreport you can see here. Sunday was marked by an family trip - with my parents and brother we went to Skároš (village 20 km from Kosice, near the border with Hungary) In addition, there you will find a park with the military techniques - for example - Russian T34 tank. We made a barbecue, visited the Hungarian border and enjoyed a wonderful warm autumn day. I placed a couple of nice photos here:



• 18.11.2010 -

Slovenský Kras caught our hearts so we returned there again over the weekend. This time, however, in its Hungarian part. Charming nature, mysterious atmosphere and a great tour. This was a summary of our trip with Bounty Tour :D Photoreport you can see here and we have again also a fantastic video-document!


• 10.11.2010 -

At Saturday we made a nice trip to Slovenský Kras. II like those places, as a young child I often went there with my parents. There is beautiful countryside. Photos you can discover here.


• 02.11.2010 -

This autumn is exceptional for its wonderful weather. This is exactly autumn what I love. Every day we can do something exciting. But at the weekends, we can manage much more! At Saturday we and our friend Federika with her springer spaniel Ron made a super trip to to the hills near our city, which finally ended adventurous (we have lost...) But finally, we found ourselves again and although the trip was slightly prolonged (from 15 km to 18 km) :D

Sunday was a special day! Day to be long remembered. We attended the "collie owners meeting" - we have accepted the invitation of Stanislava (Zelené Tuje kennel) and Michaela (Amnis Rhei kennel) and their families. In addition to excellent entertainment prepared for us - we spent a great time on trip in the West Tatras. Photos you can find in section gallery/Hiking in Tatras.


• 24.10.2010 -

We have now a busier period so I add here a summary of last weeks and as you will see, we managed so much »


Last weekend: At Saturday we made with Peter Suvák and his smoothie Bryš a 22 km long hike up to Jelení vrch hill. More than words will say about the amazing atmosphere photos and video (watch in HD, 720 p.) At Sunday we made a family trip to lake Izra - you can also view some nice photos here.


This weekend: Saturday was marked by an dogtrekking. The route was app. 20 km long and took us on the famous hill in the neighborhood of our town - Kojšovská hoľa (1246 m). Yaschka superbly pulled up and down the hills / but probably more below :D At Sunday even before started to rain, we managed to climb on Sivec hill, famous for its great views. We also made a barbecue :) Some photos from this weekend you can view here:




• 10.10.2010 -

Another great weekends behind us! At last Saturday we took part on another dogtrekking (17 km). There was really a very nice track, and the weather was also great. So we have really enjoyed it. Hiking is our element !!! At Sunday the extraordinarily sunny day surpriced us, so we have made it even better by great meeting with our friends. The best photos from both days I added here. This weekend we made a fantastic trip to hill Kloptáň (27,5 km). Photos and report you can find in section gallery/hill Kloptáň.


« dogtrekking


  « Yaschka and us (fotos by Obsidian)


• 29.09.2010 -

We have visited Yaschka's favorites  High Tatras at the weekend. You can find some nice photos in section gallery/Hiking in Tatras.


• 24.09.2010 -

We added a new video with Yaschka called "What do collies dream of". You can view it in Yaschka´s videogallery.


• 15.09.2010 -

At Sunday we took part at our club action - Special Club show of collies and shelties in Prešov. In addition to excellent meeting with our friends we brought home also the appreciation Excellent 1, CAC, Special Club Show winner. By this victory has our Yaschka reached the Club champion title !!! Report and photos from this show you can find in section successes.


• 09.09.2010 -

Yesterday died the most famous blue-merle stud dog in French history - the grandfather of Yaschka - ICh Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja in his age of nearly 14 years. In my eyes he was the legendary dog, which has moved breeding of blue-merle collies mile leap forward. Im very proud, that our Yaschka has him in her pedigree so his legend lives on - in all of his offsprings...The photo of Narwick /photo: de Cathyja/ & the new photo of Yaschka /by Juraj Pivka/.



• 06.09.2010 -

We spent a difficult, but perfect weekend! Both days, we pulled a new fence on cottage and Yaschka, of course, actively assisted in each activity :) Sunday we attended on the another mini-dogtrekking. The route was really great and except of nice prices, we brought home also special a bonus - the coat full of little thistles (Agrimony thistles) So, as our master said: "Agrimonia Yaschkatoria" (paraphrase to Agrimonia eupatoria) :D Some nice photos:



• 01.09.2010 -

I have added a new funny video about Yaschka and her friend birdie Agapornis to videogallery. They are really a great couple. Our Yaschka will be already 3rd time in polish forum calendar 2011. Preview here. From the last weekend have Yaschka new colliefriends here, in our town - Rebel Robespierre and Rumba Regality Zelené Tuje !!! They like each other very much and they will be surely a great gang ;) We wish to their owners - Juraj (Rebel) and Ľudka (Rumba) much happiness and successes with these beautiful puppies:



• 23.08.2010 -

At Friday, 20th of August, we made a family trip to lake "Morské Oko". We started from village "Remetské Hámre" directly to the "Morské Oko" and back (about 20 km). The weather was fine, and there was also a brook near our route, so Yaschka could have her favourite bath :) On the "Morské Oko" we grilled a knackwurst and then, after the arrival to the village, we made a barbecue on our garden. Yum-yum ;) Some nice photos here:



• 15.08.2010 -

Tonight we took part on the night dogtrekking (10 km). We started about 22:00 and we came to finish after midnight. It was really a great event !


• 12.08.2010 -

I have added new photos to Yaschka's gallery/3 years in her age of 40 months.


Last Sunday (1th of August) we had a little "collie - lovers meeting" at family Suvák - kennel Jantárová hviezda

on their farm house in little village. Presented was also a family Petrík - kennel Amnis Rhei and our friend Juraj Pivka :) What else to say? It was just fantastic day ! Dogs spend a great time together and we were grill, talking and have also a great fun !!! Take a look to some nice photos from this wonderful day - from Peter Suvák & my boyfriend Štefan:



• 10.08.2010 -

Last Saturday we overbore our first "two thousand mountain" - the Baranec in West Tatras ! Report (& photos) you can fing in section gallery/climbing Baranec. This Saturday we made a trip to Zemplínska Šírava (well known recreation area in Slovakia). Yaschka played in the water, promenaded through shopping markets and finished in local sheepfarm (restaurant) where she enjoyed cheese and noodles :D The vacation are in full swing, so we have always something new. Keep watch our site ;) Next update will be soon!


• 21.07.2010 -

We had a great weekend. At Saturday we took part on the "Havinošľap 2010" dogtrekking. Together with Peter Suvák with his smoothie Bryš and our friend Juraj Pivka we passed the MINI track - 25 km. We were little afraid of tropical heat, but the track was routed almost all in the forest and there were also a many brooks - to cool us all. So the dogs managed it very well. Yaschka was very happy. I have added some nice photos from Juraj to gallery/our activities/dogtrekking (last 5 photos). Also see one nice tourist portrait below.


At Sunday we spent a nice day at Polish dog show in Nowy Sącz. I was handling our collie friend "Luiggi" - we succeed, and Luiggi finished his Polish juniorchampion title ;) Yaschka was of course with us as an non-competitive accompanist - and she enjoyed it really very much. See photos of our "BOBs" - Andromeda Jantárova hviezda & Nyitramenti Brother Louie from Peter Suvák:




• 07.07.2010 -

Today we tragically lost our dear friend Aďko (Atan Zlatý Dominance). Our smiley, who always enjoyed life, and still managed to laugh us... Aďko we miss you very much! You will be forever in our hearts ... We will never forget those wonderful moments with you.


• 06.07.2010 -

At Saturday we made a bigger trip - part on the official sheep's herding training in Udiča. Photoreport you can find in section gallery/actions and trips - Herding in Udiča.


• 05.07.2010 -

New design of our web has released. I'm hoping you will like it. Some sections are still under construction.


06.06.2010 -

We took part on the club show of british sheepdogs - Middle European Cup - judged by Mr. Brian Hawkins - the breed specialist /the famous kennel Brylin, Great Britain/. Even it was very difficult day, as I was co-organizing this big and special show, we totally enjoyed it and Yaschka was in champion class awarded with Excellent including the great judgement, which I really appreciated.


29.05.2010 -

At the Saturday we took part on the doggtrekking called "Strelený" paňovský dogtrekking". More info and photos you can find in section gallery/our activities/dogtrekking. In the May's printing of magazine "PES - přítel člověka" you can find a short article about coursing. Take a good look - the small bluemerle dot on the picture is Yaschka with me :D


04.05.2010 -

At Saturday we took part on the Banská Bystrica CAC where Yaschka has won another CAC and she became a Slovak champion !!! More info and photos you can find in section successes. So now Yaschka can change her well-kept show coat to a new, lighter summer coat and she is able to enjoy a lot of summer sports and hiking :)


27.04.2010 -

Hello! Spring is comming so we are beginning to train obedience and tracking more. Yaschka had been a little sick for the last two weeks, because she was attacked by one "nice" American PitBull Terrier...but luckily, thanks to her heavy coat and my swift reaction it came out well. So, her injury is now recovered and Yaschka is enjoying a fragrant spring in the garden ;)




04.04.2010 -

We have added new photos of our Yaschka to her gallery in her age of 3 years (36 months).


02.04.2010 -

We wish you a Happy Easter and a Lovely Warm Spring !!!



20.03.2010 -

Today our beloved Yaschka celebrates her 2.birthday !!! Dear Yaschka, we wish you all the best !!!




07.03.2010 -

Today we attedded with Yaschka the first this year's dogtrekking. Specifically, this was only a small, calorifacient mini-dogtrekking length of 10 km – the first of a mini-dogtrekking series called „Following the footsteps of White fang". We recognised, that Yaschka is good puller on the harness / she have latent potential :). We were suprised, because she don´t used to pulling on the slip. But this was special situation, she was on the harness and when she saw the dogs before her on the track, she was sooo excited to overrun them :) It was a great day.


22.02.2010 -

Yaschka have wonderful new photos in her age of 35 months. Photos made by our friend Juraj Pivka. Thank you ! You can find them in her actual gallery. We have also tried coursing - an unique event of its kind held in our town - Košice. It was a great day, Yaschka like it very much, but it was a little bit funny, because only who was running behind the polythene bunch was me...and Yaschka was running only behind me :D Well, collies are shepherd dog, not a hunter :D


09.02.2010 -

Last Saturday was on our dog school a little club competition. Yaschka obtained in obedience and in dogdancing. It was heavily snowing, I could not to make a photos but - for memory I has done one - Yaschka with her prices. This weekend we have made a wonderfuk trip to Czech town Brno. You can find photos here.


07.01.2010 -

We are great, indeed winter is here! We moved tiny bit, so if you'll see a gate-house without a bell and somebody will fearfully barking beyond it, you are right at our place :) We add one nice picture, which definitely exact our Yaschka :) More photos you can find in her actual gallery.



01.01.2010 -

We wish you all the best in New Year 2010 - especially lot of health and joy, may all your dreams and resolution come true. We made with our friend Peter Suvák and his smoothie Bryš a nice hike on the New Year's day on the Jahodná Bank (23,5 km). It was great, also even though my shoes was dripping wet, because of very humid weather. But never mind, we enjoyed it totally and Yaschka was absolutely happy - she was in her element - she was smiling from ear to ear. The New Year's we spend with home, on the sofa, eating, watching tv and relaxing :)


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