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News in our Rough collie kennel:

15.12.2018 - 

We have great news ! At 8.12.2018 a puppies were born in our kennel , by our wonderful girl Grace and english dog Bruce. More about our "litter C" you can find in section puppies. We are totally happy !!! Mum and babies are doing well and Grace is fantastic mum and she enjoyed it very much. It is her second and last litter, so we are happy, that she gave us so precious puppies. We have 2 blue-merle girls and 1 blue-merle boy.



At 2.12.2018 our offspring Anima Elle "Miška" took part on the CACIB dog show Praha (judged by Mlada Svobodová - CZ) and in the open class she was awarded in strong competition as Exc2, r.CAC !!! Many congrats to Miška and her owner Jitka. Our friend Jiří Křivánek made to our Miška beautiful new photos, which you can find in her page. Many thanks !


06.11.2018 - 

We had a very busy summer and beginning of autumn - so many activities and not enough time to computer :) So now a really lot of news are waiting for you. If you are folowing us at Facebook, you are up to date, if not, lets see, what new we have in the last period:


Show news: My Ginka took 8.7.2018 part at CACIB Veľká Ida, where she was awarded as Excellent 2, r.CAC in intermediate class, despite the fact, she was totally out of coat, at the time. Judged by breed specialist Anna Kochan (PL) she got very nice judgement and she fulfilled required condition to became a brood bitch of 1st cathegory !!! Ginka is youth, clever girl, with lot of temperament and she have very nice health results. Im very proud of her and I hope, that in future she will continue in my breeding program.


Another show, on which we took part was our Special Club show in Malý Lapáš, at 15.09.2018. This important event with big entries (more than 60 collies) is definitely one of the top events of the year. Judges were two breed specialists from France - Mr. Didier Dupont & Mr. Michel Mocqué.  Yaless Blue collies got really fantastic ! All my offsprings were awarded on 1-4.places !!! I really appreciate those results and Im really happy that our collies are so successful under so respectful judges. My 3 girls did really very well. All their classes were full of beautiful collies. Ginka was awarded in intermediate class as Excellent 4, Jaylin was awarded in open class as Excellent 3 and Grace (in very good condition) really rocks in champion class - Excellent 1, CAC and Special Club show winner 2018. She was also shortlisted in best movement of breed. From boys represented us my offsprings: Belmondo - Excellent 3, Bvlgari "Bebe" - Excellent 2, r.CAC - both in intermediate class. Bebe Keksík "Kekso", on his very first show was awarded in open class as Excellent 3, and shortlisted for best head in breed. Im very proud of and thankful also to my owners for this possibility! Take a look to the gallery from show.



Our offspring and their another successes: Belmondo took part also on the czech Club show in Humpolec (3.6.2018), judged by Cheryl Lockett (GB) and he was first in intermediate class with beautiful judgement. At the 5th August our clever Belmondo passed FCI exam NHAT - Natural herfing aptitude test !!! Belmondo, you are the TOP !!! Belmondo fulfilled at the breeding exam at 16.09.2018 the required conditions to became a stud dog !!! Belmondo is beautiful, healthy, clever, sporting dog with fantastic character and he is now AVAILABLE for stud. He is living in Czech republic.



Bvlgari "Bebe" took part at the CACIB Veľká Ida (8.7.2018) where he presented himself very good and got very nice judgement. Judged by Anna Kochan (PL). Bebe also fullfilled the required conditions to became a stud dog, and after the Club show he became the stud dog of 1st cathegory !!! Bebe is very calm, clever dog, absolutely loves to cuddle, and he is the sweetest soul ever. He is AVAILABLE for stud. Living in Slovakia.


Our blue-eyed star Anima Elle "Miška" was awarded on the CACIB Litoměřice (19.05.2018) as Excellent 2. Judged by Fratišek Šimek (CZ). Another success was at the Regional dog show Louny - she was awarded as Excellent 1, Class winner and Regional winner. Judged by B. Milenkovic. Miška, you are great !


Our Baywatch Babe "Nelinka" took part on the dogtrekking Za pokladem Voka IV. z Holštejna, track for 88 km (24-27.5.2018) and Pes v tahu - okolo komína, track 89 km (27 - 30.9.2018) and continue with event - Do Holyně bez holínek. KČT z Berouna do Holyně, track 35,5 km (27.10.2018). We are so proud of her & he master for such a fantastic performances. During the holiday they enjoy hiking in the Austrian Alps. What a life ! Jitka with Nelinka was awarded in the Czech dogtrekking championship on the 12th place from women ! (more than 40 entries).


Bvlgari "Bebe" & Bebe Keksík "Kekso" were repeatedly eyes examined by ESVO eyes specialist and they are CEA//PRA/KAT - freeBebe Keksík "Kekso" was also hips scored and he is HD A/A !!!


During the summer holidays I met with my beautiful blue merle offspring Be The One and Only "Bianca", who travelled all the way from Polish Gdynia to the meeting in High Tatras. We spent together a wonderful day. "Bianca" is very beautiful girl with so tender character, but with the little devil in her soul - she is so active, playful and always happy. Always ! With her master they started to do dogtrekking and they are very clever. Photos from the meeting in High Tatras you can find here. In August I also visited my tricolour offspring in Poland - Babydoll "Wronia". I travelled to their mountain cottage and we spent some nice time together. She is living very happy life with her family. Photos from meeting also you can find here. I hope to present both girls next year on the dog shows.




Many congrats to all our offsprings to their successes ! I added new photos to gallery of A-litter (Anima Elle & All Inclusive) and B-litter, from their owners.


Sport news: My clever tricolours Dexter and Ginka are every week training agility and they are doing great. Both !!! Ginka is only a beginner but she is very clever and loves this sport, same as her uncle. We attended some competitions last months: In summer we took part in Perínske agility hry IIGinka competed in puppy cathegory, it was her very first competitions (2 runs with tunels) and she was really great ! Dexter was competed in advance large cathegory (2 runs - jumping & tunels) and he rocks ! In the jumping he obtained 1st place and in the overal rating he was awarded as  2nd from 13 dogs ! Wohoo ! In the autumn we took part in the TINKY club competition and Ginka was awarded as 2nd in jumping beginner cathegory and Dexter was awarded 3rd in jumping of advance large cathegory. I created special gallery Agility - where you can find pictures from our trainings and competitions.




At 25th August we took part on the Gelnický dogtrekking, track MID - 30 km and we obtained 2nd place ! It was quite a interesting experience, because I competed with all my 4 collies together :D Uff.


The biggest sport news is, that our Ginka passed FCI NHAT exam - Natural herding aptitude test. We passed this test in Hungary and Im superproud of her. She was very first time by the sheeps, without any training, so I cas say, she is natural talent. And she also passed character test, which is the part of this exam. She is 3rd generation of working collies in my kennel, so Im really happy.


Photogalleries: We are trying to spend every free day outside in our beautiful nature. I´m doing lot of photos, and the best of them, you can find in gallery Trip mix 2018. I added a new gallery Magical quarries, also galleries which I mentioned in this news: Agility, Yaless Blue meetings and Club shows 2018. Also I added new galleries - Western Tatras - Bystrá and album from our mini-vacation in Poloniny.


Anniversaries: At the 11.7. we were celebrating the 4th Birthday of our A-litter ! Time flies soooo quick ! I can not believe it. Happy Bday my dream girl All I Want is You "Jaylin", my best friend Amadeus Mozart "Dexter" and also to Anima Elle "Miška", All Inclusive "Alex" and to the angel in heaven Artemis Aurora "Aury". At the beginning of September - 11.09. we have silent memory to my first, beloved collie girl dear girl, you will be always in my heart !!!!! At the 5.10. was celebrating her 7th Birthday my perfect and fantastic collie Grace !!! Happy Bday my special lady ! 


09.05.2018 - 

Our Ginka took part at 31.march her very first official competition. It was Canicross KK UVLF 3. The track was 5 km long. It was quite a big fun, despite the fact, it was raining hardly all the time :)



Photos from many trips I added to our Trip mix 2018 gallery. We are doing bikejoring quite often and after winter break we started doing agility again (with Dexter & Ginka). We made nice sping photos to the gallery of all my collies - Dexter, Ginka, Jaylin & Grace. Many thanks to nice photos to Peter Suvák. 



The bigges collie event of the year Club show is successfully behind us. This year the show was judged by Mr. Harald Steinmetz (DE) and Mrs. Bev White (GB). Both, the breed specialists. So we went proudly to represent our kennel. And we did very very well. My offspring, Bvlgari "Bebe" was awarded in very strong competition as an Excellent 3 in youth class. He is really very nice, obiedient and clever boy. Our Ginka  had a show premiere and did really well. She presented herself very nicely and got an Excellent in youth class, with beautiful judgement. Our Jaylin won the open class with Excellent 1, CAC and was shortlisted in best head of breed. She also won a best brace with her son  Bvlgari "Bebe". Grace won the champion class with Excellent 1, CAC and became a valuable Club champion. She was shortlisted in the best movement in the breed and she won the best head in breed and also the best blue-merle in show ! Again :) Many thanks to judges for their high opinion of our dogs, and to our friends for a nice day !




The best news of this months are, that our Ginka and her brother Bvlgari "Bebe" were together hips scored, and their are both HD A/A and ED 0/0. We are very very happy, because this examination is in my eyes very important. Many thanks to Bebe´ s owners for supporting my kennel.


Baywatch Babe "Neli", which is living in Czech republic, too part in another dogtrekking - Šlapanický dogtrekking (5-8.4.2018) were they passed the LONG (89 km) track !!! At 3.-6.5.2018 they took part at Krušnohorský dogtrekking with LONG (96 km !!!) track. They are absolutely amazing !


Our beautiful offspring Belmondo presented herself very nice at the Regional show Vyškov (28.4.2018) where in youth class was awarded as Excellent 1. Judged by Mrs. Olga Dolejšová. Many congrats to Belmondo & his owner Lenka. You are a great team ! The next day Belmondo tried a sheep herding for a very first time and he was so excited. Im sure, they will soon pass some exam :) And also agility news from our wonderfull offsprind Belmondo - he took part on the unof. agility competition Rohatecký koláček II. and was awarded at 2nd place in tunels. Fantastic !!!


16.03.2018 - 

Great news ! Our big hope for future breeding & sport Belmondo was today x-rayed by a vet-specialist, and he is HD A/A & ED 0/0 ! We are very happy and proud of our fantastic boy ! He is very special to me....from his birth ! Congratulations to his fantastic owner Lenka Horáková ! Wish you a lot of success with this special boy !


06.03.2018 - 

At the magical date 3.3. we are celebrating the 1st Birthday of our wonderful B-litter !!! We are very proud of to all our 9 puppies, because they grew up to fantastic collies, which I was dreaming of - very clever, beautiful and intelligent. They are doing a lot of joy to their owners....and their owners are doing a lot of joy to me - because they are taking a great care about them ! Thank you so much ! I wish them all the best to their future life ! Our "homie" girl from B-litter - Ginka, got a beautiful b-day cake. Ginka, we love you to the moon and back !!!



Our offspring Baywatch Babe "Neli" took part on her first dogtrekking. Exactly on her B-day :) It was "6. zimní dogtrek okolo Berounky" (29 kms), organised by her owner, so Neli raced with another handler. Neli enjoyed her first dogtrekking and she is preparing for another one... We keep our fingers crossed to you, Neli ! I´m sure you will have such a big successes in this sport, like your grandma Grace and mum Jaylin. To the gallery Trip mix 2018  I added some nice photos from last trops. My blue girls were selected to the famous Collie-Online calendar 2018. Thank you so much, Patrick !


08.02.2018 - 

Our family kennel was awarded with very prestigious awards in our Club competitions TOP DOG 2017. We became a 6th TOP ROUGH COLLIE KENNEL for 2017 in Slovakia, what is really a fantastic, because we are a small hobby kennel with only 2 litters - but very successful litters. Many our offsprings are representing us in sports or shows. Special thanks to Anima Elle "Miška"BelmondoBvlgari "Bebe" for show successes, and Be The One and Only "Bianca" for canistherapy work ! Thank you very much to all my owners, without you this would not be possible! 


My own collies did very well in sports and shows, it is true, that last year was little bit busy for us, because we had a litter, but yet we have done more than enough :P Our Jaylin was after puppies in so good condition, that she have no problem to passed some sports competitions, together with her brother Dexter and mum Grace. So we achieved: Jaylin became a 1.TOP SPORTING COLLIE 2017 in Slovakia....Dexter became a 2.TOP SPORTING COLLIE and their great mum Grace...3.TOP SPORTING COLLIE 2017 :))) Love them !



Last weekend we made a trip to a Czech republic to attend a international dog show CACIB BRNO. From our team represented us our Jaylin and from our offsprings Belmondo and Billion Stars in Eye "Maggie". For Maggie it was her very first show and she was fantastic !!! Belmondo, our black babe, he is experienced, and he is really very good in show ring. And our Jaylin loves the show, because it means for her a lot of cookies :P Im very proud of my dogs !!



But, this show, it was only a bonus, because the main reason of my trip was a visit and meeting with my offsprings. I visited my 11-months old offspringsBebe Keksík "Kekso"Billion Stars in Eye "Maggie"BelmondoBear Grylls "Merlin"... and 3,5 years All Inclusive "Alex". I made them a nice portraits, which you can view in their personal cards. We made a fantastic meeting (saturday and also at sunday) where our "yaless blue family" had a great time together. Photos from this nice walks you can find in gallery - Free time: "Yaless Blue meeting"


21.01.2018 - 

We have couple of news from the past two months :) So, lets see, what´s new at us:


Our fantastic puppies from B-litter reached 10 months. They all grow to a very imposant & big collies, with very good characters, so I´m really proud to all of them, because this is really important to me, in my breeding. I added lot of new photos to their personal cards. I decided, that I will visit in next weeks all my offsprings and make them some nice photos :) Our offsprings in Czech republic I´m planning to visit in February, so you can look forward to nice photos of them. In January I visited and made a photos of our beautiful Bvlgari "Bebe" (SR)Be The One and Only "Bianca" a Babydoll "Wronia" (PL)...and our homie Billie Jean "Ginka":



The holiday time around Christmas & New Year I decided "to take a rest", so I travelled 1000 kms to a Baltic sea, to visit my offsprings in Poland: Beautiful blue-merle Be The One and Only "Bianca" and charming tricolour girl Babydoll "Wronia". Both girls are really beautiful collies with very gentle, sweet and playful character. I´m very proud of both girls and I really want to thank to the owners for great care. The photos from our holidays at Baltic sea, you can view in gallery.


In 2018 I have very interesting puppy plans with our wonderful girl Grace. With Jaylin we will be planning a next litter in the beginning of 2019, now she needs a rest after her first, big litter. In the case of serious interest for a puppy from us, you can contact us. For our puppies we are looking for a special people, with serious interest in breed, who will appreciate the quality of this fantastic breed and will take care about their dogs as a family members.


Our dogs took part in december-january at the special Dorn massage and we tried also the lymphatic drainage massage. Because our collies are very active, I´m trying to do the best for their perfect conditions. Our sweet boy Dexter overcame in November dangerous illness from ticks - babesiosis. Fortunately, due to the early detection and proper treatment, he was clinically healthy within a few days. However, the internal regeneration of the organism lasts longer, as this disease and the subsequent treatment are very aggressive for the body of the dog.



Some news from sports: Our beautiful and clever offspring Belmondo took part at 7th January on his first unofficial agility competition. In the cathegory "puppies Large" in the run through the tunnels he completed 3 runs. In his first run he was on the 2nd place, in second run he won the 1st place and in the third run he was on the 3rd place. And all this in strong competition of many other puppies. Im very proud to him and his perfect owner Lenka ! At the 10th December we took part with Jaylin and Dexter on the "Bosorkin canicross". We were entered into the bikejoring category with Jaylin and canicross with Dexter, but because of the freshly snowed snow and very slippery surface the organizers canceled the bikejoring category and so I started with both in canicross.



The best moments from our favourite activity - hiking, you can find in gallery Trip mix 2018 and beautiful photos from the trip to hill Skalisko you can view in gallery Skalisko.


In popular Czech magazine "Psí kusy" a nice article about Collie Rough was published this months. I was choosed with another 3 breeders to participate on this article. Im very happy :) Scan will be available later in section successes.


11.11.2017 - 

At 28.10.2017 we took part with Grace & Jaylin on the dogtrekking competition "MiniDogtrek Putovné Labky", where we on the 25 km long track obtained beautiful 4th place. Next day, our Dexter took part on his 2nd unofficial agility competition. It was a club competition of Agility club TINKY (where we are training). We did two runs, open jumping (DIS) and tunels ( !!!). Dexter was very successful again and he loved it ! Our "small" Ginka also started to train agility this month, and she is very very very clever !!! Also her brother, Belmondo, living in Czech started to train agility and also very successful at his first lessons. I´m very proud of !



Our beautiful offspring Anima Elle "Miška" took at 4.11.2017 part at DOUBLE CACIB Praha dog show. It was quite a interesting experience for them, because of big traffic jam, they missed judgind, they asked judge (Mrs. Dana Fialová) for judging her additionally (out of order)...and she agreed! And Miška got "Excellent" with beautiful judgement !!! I´m so proud of you, my girls !


Nice photos from our autumn trips I added to gallery Trip mix 2017 and also I made a beautiful gallery from trip to Lom Tengerszém. On the Youtube I uploaded funny video from our 1st snow trip this year...and for the Ginka it was her first snow ever ! She loved it, obviously !





19.10.2017 - 

In the beginning of this month - 05.10.2017 celebrated her 6th Birthday our wonderful Grace ! She is fantastic collie, with extraordinary personality and very successful show & sport career. My foundation bitch, mum of 5 fantastic collies, grandmum of 9 collies...and I hope this is not the end of her progeny. I wish you all the best, my dear baby !!! The autumn is perfect time for hiking, so we are every free time in nature. Some nice photos I added to gallery Trip mix 2017 and I also made one big gallery to our great adventure - hiking our biggest and highest hill in High Tatras - the great hill Kriváň (2494 m.) with Dexter and Grace. Our black swan Ginka is growing into the beauty, I also made her some nice photos in her tender age of 7.5 months. She is every day more bigger & bigger and saucier & saucier :D


23.09.2017 - 

Summer update :) The summer was so adventurous, that I hope I will not forget any news. So, at first - at 3.9.2017 celebrates their 6 months our "puppies" from litter B. Many thanks to their owners for great care and wonderful photos, which their are always sending to me. I added some new photos to every pup from our litter B. And of course, also to our A-puppies, Miška and Alex.


Show successes - Our beautiful Anima Elle "Miška" took part at 2 shows in summer. At both she was very successful, as always. Regional show Louny 10.09.2017 - Excellent 2 and Regional show Martiněves 22.07.2017 - Excellent 1, Class winner & Regional winner. Miška is our star ! Many thanks to her owner Jitka for great presentation. At 15.09.2017 our yaless blue team took part on our big Special Club show in Malý Lapáš. Our team were very successful ! In very strong competition and full classes, we obtained: Grace in champion class Excellent 2, r.CAC and Jaylin in open class Excellent 2, r.CAC. Our puppies: Ginka and Belmondo were at their first show training. Belmondo was born for show ring, like his mum Jaylin. He was awarded as Very promissing 2 and next day at CACIB Nitra he was Very promissing 4 ! Many thanks to his owner Lenka for great care and very good show training. After the show we enjoyed family trip with our collies.



♥ Sport successes - Our hope living in Poland, Be The One and Only "Bianca" is not only beautiful, but also a very clever puppy. In puppy obedience school, which she successfully passed during summer, she obtained 1st place in final obedience competition. Bianca, we are very proud to you ! Many thanks to Kasia for perfect care ! Our Dexter made me really happy. After a long time of trainings, we took part on our first agility competitions - Non oficial competition 20.08.2017 Perínske agility hry. In the final results we obtained great 4th place in our category. Im very proud to my clever boy Dexter. The action summer I was closing by Gelnický dogtrekking 26.08.2017, where I started with Jaylin and Dexter on the hard (many hills) MID track (30 km) with 4:42 time and 4th place in woman competition. It was very hot day, but my team did very well !




Hiking and trips - this summer was very rich for many wonderful experiences from various trips. We are trying to spend every free day in nature. The most beautiful photos from our summer you can find in gallery Trip mix 2017. Our Ginka loves to hiking and she became to be a real hiking baby :) This summer we met for the 3rd time with our dear friends from Poland - Marzena & family and her collies. Together with Katka a Mirka and 11 dogs (10 collies) we made a wonderful trip to National Park Pieniny - to the highest peak of Pieniny - Vysoké Skalky. Photos are also in Trip mix 2017.


♥ ..and some more news - My friend made for us beautiful video from the summer time, when we have at home some puppies at home. I took all my dogs to the examination of Dorn Therapy, to be sure, that their bones are in right position. It is also a great "wellness" for them, and their really enjoyed it. One great news - we took our Ginka and Belmondo to the eyes examination re-check. They are CEA/PRA/KAT - totally free. I´m very happy :)


At 11th September every year, there is a special memory to my first collie Yaschka, who left us in 2011. Rest in Peace, dear Yaschka, we missed you...


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