News in our Rough collie kennel:

20.06.2016 - 

During this hot weekend we attended the dogtrekking "Košické vrcholovky". The distance was 32 km through mountains near our town. It was about 30°C, so it was a heavy hike, but very successful - with Dexter & Jaylin we were on the 4th place with time about 6 hours.

15.05.2016 - 

Some sport´s news in our kennel ! Our wonderful Dexter last weekend took part on two competitions with me - first one, was the Charitatívny minidogtrekking - it was dogtrekking competition through hills for 14 km. We was placed on 4th place !!! And next day, a Lesný beh statočných - canicross through hills for 15 km ! Dexter was a great fellow ! Our offspring Anima Elle "Miška" scored again ! This time she passed the dogdancing exam - Freestyle1 - for Excellent !!! We are very proud of Miška and her owner Jitka ! Way to go, girls !


06.05.2016 - 

Our friends from Holland, Natasja & Marko from Lovely Bears kennel came to Slovakia for a vacation. So we took them for a nice hike to High Tatras. Photos from this lovely trip you can find here.


Our Anima Ella "Miška" is not only a clever canistherapy dog, but also a show star ! Last weekend she took part on the CACIB Praha show and was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC ! We are very proud to her and her owner Jitka for a great representation !


Our Dexter took part at Easter Dog show in Župčany in canicross competition, and he won 2nd place with my friend, who ran with him ! Thank you !


18.04.2016 - 

After a longer time a bigger update. Because of co-organising our club show, I had less time to update. So, here you have some news:


With spring the new sport season came, so many sport events are waiting for us. Our Amadeus Mozart "Dexter" after a winter pause started to train agility again, and he is really very clever ! He is really a dreamy boy !


His brother All Inclusive "Alex" is actively doing hiking with his owners, and they are training to their first dogtrekking competition ! Mummy´s boy 


Our beautiful, blue-eyed Anima Elle "Miška" made us very proud! In April she passed official canistherapy exam - as THE FIRST slovak Rough Collie ever ! She is an active canistherapy dog, and now she can do it even officially!


Our sweetie All I Want is You "Jaylin" - the sweetest and most clever angel ever - presented herself so nice (as always) at Club show Lučenec. With my friend Katka, which was handling her, they were awarded by english judge Tony Iley as Excellent 2, r.CAC and got beautiful judgement. In final competitions she was awared also with Kristian Cichý (11 years) as 2nd in juniorhandling and she was shortlisted in competition for the best head in breed.


Our queen Grace was at Club show awarded as Excellent, got very nice judgement and she was also awarded as 2nd BIS Brace with her fellow Bons Carpathian Paradise Dog. Grace is very active and temperament girl, but at the show she can present herself really like a doll. For nice photos many thanks to Peter Suvák, Jiří Křivánek and Tomáš Dančo.


A new gallery spring/summer 2016 was created. Here you will be able to find some nice mix of photos from our commontly trips and hikes :)




09.02.2016 - 

We spend a nice weekend in Czech republic. Saturday we made a nice trip in Brno city and enjoyed relaxing at the hotel to get ready for the Sunday IDS Brno. Our girls made us again very proud of with very nice judgements from breed specialist Mr. Sándor Szabo, Hungary. Both girls was awarded as Excellent and our babygirl Jaylin in her debut in intermediate class gained the highest title - CAC. Many thanks to Katka for help with handling of Jaylin. And thanks to our czech friends for a great company :)


02.02.2016 - 

Year 2015 was very successful for our young kennel YALESS BLUE. Our Collies gained very high awards in prestige club competition TOP DOG 2015 ! Many thanks also to owners of our pups for their great care and successes with our offsprings! Our kennel became a 5.TOP COLLIE ROUGH KENNEL 2015 ! Our Collies was awarded as:


Amadeus Mozart Yaless Blue "Dexter"


All I Want is You Yaless Blue "Jaylin"


Grace Kelly Blues du Clos de Seawind "Grace"


30.01.2016 - 

We didn´t update for a longer time, so I will write some news whats going on there. So we spend nice christmas and new year´s holidays, all our free time we spend in nature, on the trips or long walks. Unfortunatelly, this winter is not so photogenic, because there is not too much snow and very less of sunshine...but some photos from our trips I added to the gallery autumn/winter 2015. We have also made some new portrait and body photos to our Collies - you can find them in their personal galleries. Many thanks to Katarína for nice photos.


14.12.2015 - 

At Sunday we took part on the 4 km sprint "Bosorkin canicross". I ran with my young sport hopes - Dexter and Jaylin. They really loves to run and enjoyed it to the bits.


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