Collie roughs - news 06.04.2021 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 06.04.2021

Our fantastic E litter celebrated their 1st Birthday at 10.4. !! Im very proud of this litter and very happy, that I was able to made my dream possible and did this great combination, which exceeded my expectations. Brumko, Emka & Chipsík - I wish you only the BEST BEST BEST. Especially to my beloved Emka !!!



We also made an x-ray examination of our Emka and her brother Chips. And the results are GREAT ! Both are HD A/A, ED 0/0 and Spondylosis - free + Transitional vertebra - free !!! So now we can ask our club for their breeding licences !


Our offspring Dirigentka "Riri" was also examined - she is HD A/A and ED 0/0 and she was also again eyes tested with great results: CEA/PRA/KAT - free (by ESVO specialists). She became a brood bitch of 1st cathegory ! She is living in the farm, full of animals and also under the kennel "Of Brigand´s field" so you can looking forward to her puppies, in future !



I added some new photos to Trip mix 2021 and added a new gallery Croatia 2021 full of beautiful spring photos from our visit of Croatia ! Enjoy !