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• 01.01.2012 -

We wish to all our friends happy New Year 2012 full of successes and joy!


• 27.10.2011 -

Added video from our early last hiking... Slávkovský štít in Hight Tatras. At that time we even didn´t know about Yaschka´s terrible genetic diagnosis... About two weeks later Yaschka´s kidneys started to failing...


• 08.10.2011 -

Nice memory - our Yaschka will be in 2012 again in the polish forum calendar. It is just for the 4th time! I add the oil-painting, which was the gift from my friend Stanislava Zubrická (kennel Zelené tuje). It was painted by Katarína Schmiesterová (kennel Fellow of Eteriny) like a memory to our Yaschka. Thank you very much, Stanislava & Katarína!



• 12.09.2011 -

Yesterday left us our beloved Yaschka ... due to the sudden and unexpected genetic kidney illness. Dear Yaschka, thank you for the 1554 best days of our lives spent with you. You will always stay in our hearts ... It will be very hard to live without you ...



• 24.08.2011 -

August is slowly ending and for us it was our busiest summer month. We have managed so much that I even fail to appoint all:) So at least the most important things: This month we visited twice High Tatras - at first trip to the Štrbské Pleso and then demanding but fantastic hike to Slavkovský štít ! Be sure to see great photos from the Tatras! We spent a vacation in three beautiful locations - one of them was our beloved Orava. See the photos, and stay in touch with us!


• 28.07.2011 -

At Saturday we took part on the Veľká Ida CACIB dog show. Yaschka obtained in honour class Excellent 1. We got great judgement and in the final competitions was selected between the 5 most beautiful dogs from honour class. Some photos you can find in section successes. Our friend Peter Suvák made us some new nice photos of Yaschka. Thank you!



• 17.07.2011 -

What's new for the last time? Well, there's more news and therefore the delayed update - there are less time for the computer, because we try to take every day to fully. Sometimes we take to our trip also the camera and created some beautiful pictures .... for example like from a recent trip, spent wandering around Kysak. Our Yaschka finds itself on the magnet on the car. I think, this beautiful magnets you will surely purchase on most slovak´s exhibitions or pet shops. In the slovak dog´s magazine "Náš pes" came out my article about blue merle collies and our Yaschka. Its name is "My dream has the blue color" You can view the scan of the article here.

We have also sad news :( Yaschka´s mother, Ch Rineweld Awantgarde at Sheewena, has died last month at the age of nearly 11 years... She was an extraordinary collie, that be surely entered in history of Hungarian breeding!

After almost a year, we again managed to get on the official sheep´s herding and training. Yaschka loves the sheeps and was totally wild to herding. So she easily passed the official herding instincts test !!! A few pictures and a short report you can find here.

We have also attended lot of dogtrekkings this year. I added a few new photos in to the  section gallery/other activities /dogtrekking. Last weekend we made a great camping under the tents. A few photos you can view here.

We have so many stay in touch with us, and find out another news and photos in next update!


• 30.05.2011 -

Summer begins, so Yaschka sometimes looks like a melted icecream :o) Of course, swimming in the river, or some long trip takes her over:) For example, like the last week - perfect trip to the hill Minčol. I also added a few smiling pictures with our collie friend Rebel Robespierre  Zelené tuje. And finally, one beautiful watercolor artwork of Yaschka - from Lucia Drietomská.



• 09.05.2011 -

We did not updated for a long time, because I had a lot of work and so much activities with Yaschka, so there was less time for internet. Every free day we use for our favourite hiking, sometimes we make some nice photos, so I collected a nice galleries from our april´s trips: Kúpele Borda, Terňa, Hrušovske planiny, Zamutovské skaly. We started to do the bikejorking, and Yaschka loves that! We took part on the Club show in Hurbanovo (30.04.2011), where Yaschka took over the award and prices for "TOP WORKING COLLIE 2010" and she obtained "EXCELLENT" and great judgement in the honour class. We spent a great day with our friends! Nice photoreport from Club show you can find here. I also add easter wishes and other nice photos:


Easter wishes Yaschka, smoothie Phoebe (Cinnaberry´s Uptown Girl) & sheltie Sheimi (Hearthbreaker Perla z Polábí) Yaschka, Rebel (Rebel Robespierre Zelené tuje) & Berry (Kőakói Black Betty) Yaschka and me on the bike


• 23.03.2011 -

Our Yaschka was at 20th of March celebrated her 4th birthsday! We wish you all the best, our sweet girl! The day before we started this year's dogtrekking competition season. After a week of rain the track was mud, wet and the temperatures was around zero. Yaschka was totally happy from this competition, so she pulled me fantastic - and finally we finished on the fifth place ;)



• 07.03.2011 -

We have not updated since a longer time, because we have so much work.. we made many night hikes and also weekend mountain tours. I added a photoreports of the most interesting trips in the past month: Zádielske planiny and Jelení vrch, Baňa Lucia a Vysoký vŕšok. Enjoy!


• 11.02.2011 -

At the weekend we met together with collie - friends and we made a great trip to Volovské hills at the hill Bukovec. Beautiful photoreport you can find here and be sure to see also the video.


• 06.02.2011 -

Yaschka has become "TOP WORKING COLLIE 2010" in club competition of our slovak collies and shelties club. We are very happy for this precious valuation of our sport activities in last year. I added two nice evening photos from Peter Suvák of our regular night hikings:



• 29.01.2011 -

Last week was the winter very rainy, so we could not take any long or interesting trip :) But last weekend the weather finally stabilized,  so we made a trip to Zádielska tiesňava. Some photos you can find here. Our friend Peter (from kennel Jantárova hviezda) made for us an commemorative video from october´s collie meeting in West Tatras. You can view it here.


• 18.01.2011 -

In kennel of our friends - Zelené tuje - were born wonderful sable puppies from outstanding combination: both parents are imported from France - with very quality pedigrees. They are both very successful on dog show, health checked and with a great character! More info about this puppies you can find here.



• 01.01.2011 -

We wish you all the best in New Year 2011 ! A few days before we made a beautiful hike to Kráľova Hola - read the report and see the photos. On New Year's Eve we had at home a celebration with friends, so Yaschka was happy too ;)


• 22.12.2010 -

Christmas are knocking on the door and we planning to enjoy them to the fullest. Last weekend we made the nice walk with our friend Juraj and his collie-boy Rebel (Rebel Robespierre Zelené Tuje). I placed some photos below. This Saturday we made a trip to hill "Malý Milič" and Sunday to the the "Jahodná". Be sure to see the photos;) 40 km per week is quite a decent performance. Well, now I would to wish you a beautiful Christmas !!! See our Christmas card below:



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