Collie roughs - news 10.03.2021 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 10.03.2021

I added some new photos to gallery of our offsprings: Easter Bunny "Brumko"Everything I Wanted "Chips"Bear Grylls "Merlin"Babydoll "Wronia".


Also I made some new pictures to our homies - Dexter, Ginka, Grace and Emka. Check out their galleries. Also I made a new gallery from various trips from this year - Trip mix 2021. Im adding photos very regularly.


Unfortunatelly one VERY SAD NEWS - at the beginning of February we lost unexpectedly our dearest Jaylin - in the age of only 6,5 years, because of very very insidious tick disease. Despite all the efforts and treatment, her body could not fight this insidious disease and we lost our living angel on 4 paws ... she became an angel in heaven ... and no words express the sadness I have in my heart over her loss....



At the beginning of March celebrated their 4th Birthday our puppies from B litter. 9 beautiful siblings, who are who enjoy full health, fitness and make the owners very happy. I know a lot of about that - because my homie Ginka makes me really happy - an incredibly faithful, devoted and obedient young lady. My dear Ginka wish you all the best - stay healthy and as amazing as you are!