Collie roughs - Croatia 2021 | Yaless Blue

Croatia 2021 photogallery of rough collies

We again visited one of my favorite countries - Croatia to make some nice moutain hikes and of course to see my beloved sea. Spring is ideal time for a hiking, because lack of tourists and pleasant weather. We spent unforgettable moments with our dogs in beautiful nature...and literally "all of Croatia" was only for us ! Empty mountains, empty experience something like that in Croatia is really a dream !


• National park Paklenica: Paklenica is national park, located slightly inland from the coast of North Dalmatia, situated about 47km north from Zadar. Paklenica is well known for its two canyons, Velika (Big) Paklenica and Mala (Small) Paklenica. We made 2 hikes that day: one was easy hike in Velika Paklenica Anica Luka through the canyon, and second was heavier hike to sightseeing hill Vidakov Kuk (834 m.) The terrain was challenging, but our dogs did it perfectly. Many of the film scenes from Karl May's "Winnetou" were filmed here in the country's often rough, rocky and karst landscapes...




• Island Rab: This island is located just off the northern Croatian coast near the islands of Krk and Pag, has a very rich history and is known today as the ‘Happy Island’. Especially is well know for many sandy beaches, and because I do not like typical croatian pebble beaches so much, this island was "must-see" place. This place was like a DREAM - just like when you look at a catalog about Croatia and you say to yourself "this can't be true". But it is true ! Enjoy beautiful photos !




• Zrmanja River Canyon: We made 2 trips that day. First, it was a beautiful sightseeing spot "Parizevacka glavica" above the canyon Zrmanja. The second trip was a hike to bridge "Kudin Most" on Krupa river. This bridge has been built at the turn of the 18th to 19th century. Legend says that a young guy called Kuda wanted to be closer to his loved one at the other bank of the he built this bridge. It was a magical place !




• Many thanks to photos to Peter Suvák !