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News in our Rough collie kennel:

01.09.2015 - 

Our big sport hope Dexter took part on his first canicross at Velvet Run Košice. He was very clever (mummy´s boy) and were on the 5th place ! :)

27.08.2015 - 

Our wonderful Jaylin took part on the Czech Special Club show in Ostrava, where she presented herself very nice and gained an Excellent 3. On the show was very successful also our friend Katarína - her collie Samantha won the Best of Breed ! It was really a nice weekend, the photoalbum from this weekend you can find here. We made some new photos to our sweet Jaylin - you can find them in her photogallery.

08.08.2015 - 

Last week we made a nice trip to visit our offspring ALL INCLUSIVE "Alex" and his family. We made very nice hike and spent an wonderful day. Alex grow up to be a strong, big, furry boy with very calm and sweet nature. Many thanks to his owners to take such a great care about him ! New photos of him you can find in his gallery and also you can view the photos from our trip.

02.08.2015 - 

At Friday we made another hiking trip to our favourites hills - High Tatras. Because we were with 6 Collies, I chose the less visited place - beautiful Kôprová valley. More about this place and beautiful photos you can find in our gallery.


18.07.2015 - 

During the week we had caught sunny weather with lower temperatures and we made a trip to the High Tatras - we visited Kôprovský štít (2363 m) - it was the first serious mountain hike for our young Dex & Jaylin...and their first two thousand peak. For our experienced hiker Grace it was already 6th two thousand peak in the Tatras. Our youngsters mastered this heavy hike really perfectly! Even more difficult sections was for them no problem, and at the top they enjoyed a big attention of tourists. Photogallery from this hike and beautiful views here


13.07.2015 - 

We did an x-ray examination of hips to our sweet ALL I WANT IS YOU "Jaylin" & AMADEUS MOZART "Dexter" and we are very pleased from excellent results ! Both are HD A/A !!! So happy, because this result is very important for future breeding and sporting !


11.07.2015 - 

Our wonderful first  "A litter" is today celebrating 1st year ! A big dream came true with this special mating. I´m so happy and proud, that my babies grown up to wonderful adult Collies ! Our stars "Jaylin" & "Dexter", wonderful canistherapy girl "Miška" and tender fellow "Alex". Of course, we can not forget to our black swan "Aury", which have gone to rainbow bridge...but we will always have her in our hearts ! Happy B-day my babies ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

05.07.2015 - 

Last Saturday me Grace took part on the 16 km dogtrekking "Psí špacír", where we obtained wonderful 2nd place (from 17 women). We are very happy :) This Sunday we took part on the national show Veľká Ida, which was held near our town in beautiful park. Our pride Grace loves to show herself and it is always a joy to present her. She was awarded as Exc2, r.CAC in open class. Our sweetheart Jaylin was awarded as Exc1, CAJC, Slovakia Junior Winner 2015. Thanks Katarína for handling Jaylin. Our girls made us again very proud ♥

19.06.2015 - 

Our puppies Jaylin & Dexter have already 11 months and actually, they are no more puppies :) :) They are big, strong Collies, which makes us really happy and proud. Our wonderful mum Grace is back in her coat condition again, and she is even more beautiful. We added them some new summer photos to their personal galleries. Thans for perfect photos to our friend Katarína. We added some new photos from the last months also to our offsprings "All Inclusive" Alex and "Anima Elle" Miška, which are also doing great in her new homes.


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