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News in our Rough collie kennel:

13.04.2017 - 

During the weekend a big canine event for "collie lovers" took place - our Club show. This time it was really special for me, because my A litter was reunited here (of course, our mum Jaylin stayed at home, with their puppies). Beautiful and elegant lady Anima Elle "Miška", with so gentle sweet nature was awarded as Excellent in open class. Our fluffy teddy bear All Inclusive "Alex" took part in competition Child and dog with his young master Barborka (9) and they did fantastic job ! Our queen B - Grace was presented herself in champion class with Excellent and nice judgement. Unfortunately, some bad insect bited her, and she got bad toxic now we are healing her wound on the muzzle :( Anyway, we spent wonderful day with our friends, with great atmosphere. Many thanks to owners of my offspring for a great care about them ! And many thanks for photos to Peter Suvák.



06.04.2017 - 

Our puppies will have tomorrow exactly 5 weeks. They are very active, playful and curious. At the weekend was so nice and warm, so they visited garden for the first time. They were fascinated from the outside world :) We made them also a big new puppy playpen in living room, because whelping box was too small for them. We made a new photos to every pup, so you can see their development :)



29.03.2017 - 

Our beautiful puppies will have 4 weeks. They just learned how to eat mixed dry food, their teeth grew up and they starting to growl, bark and are very very sweet and playful. The whelping box started to be too small for them, so we are preparing for them a puppy playpen, who is really big (half livingroom, haha). In next days we will also show them for the 1st time our garden. We made a new photos of our beautiful pups... In the case of interest, we have still one boy and one girl available !


22.03.2017 - 

Puppies are doing great ! They are growing really fast, they opened their eyes and started to discover the world around them - their siblings and their mums (Jaylin & me :D ). Today they are 20 days nearly 3 weeks. We made them new photos ! I made to all puppies their personal cards. One boy & one girl is still for sale !


13.03.2017 - 

We added new photos of puppies from B-litter ! Thank you to our dear friend, photographer Peter Suvák (Ateliér Bounty) for hard work with making the photos of pups. Most of puppies just have their names. They are going very well, growing so fast and we are looking forward, when they will open their eyes !


10.03.2017 - 

Both our girls Grace and Jaylin got from Slovak Collie & Sheltie club the certificate about re-classification to "1st class of breeding" to be granted to brood bitches & stud dogs, which passed the selection criteria for breeding - e.g. became to be brood bitches with an 'excellent', they are fullteeth and have eyes & hips examined by veterinarian specialist, recommended by club. They are the first and only blue-merle collies in Slovakia with that special high selection of breeding !


Our wonderful pups are doing very well, they are growing into the beauty and power. They are one week old. Stay tuned on our pages, new photos of puppies  will be online during the week !

06.03.2017 - 

Fantastic news !!! In our kennel were after 3 years again puppies born ! Our beautiful Jaylin gave birth to 9 wonderful puppies ! It is already the second generation of "Yaless Blue collies" and we are very proud of them...also to our great mum Jaylin, who became mum for the very first time. More info about our "yalessbabies" you will find in section puppies.

10.02.2017 - 

We made some new photos to our sweet girl Jaylin. You can find them in her gallery. I´m continuously adding also photos to gallery Trip mix 2017. This winter is really beautiful, from December we have snow and cold weather...perfect for trips and long walks.

11.01.2017 - 

Our collies took part in some calendars this year. At first, slovak collies & shelties calendar - where all our collies was published - Grace & Jaylin & Dexter, and our offsprings - Miška & Alex. The big honour for us was, that our Miška was chosen to a french collie-online calendar. Im very proud of :)



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