Collie roughs - news 27.04.2017 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 27.04.2017

Our puppies have spent fantastic last two weeks ! Every day is something new happend ! 2 weeks ago they were on the car trip to our friends at Jantárová hviezda kennel and they met with friendly Schapendoes puppies. Take a look to VIDEO !!! They were happy from agility tunnel, house for puppies or sandpit with balls. Then, in the age about 6,5 weeks our puppies were at their first visit to the vet - they were microchipped, vaccinated and got their petpasses. We know, how important socialisation is, so we are learning puppies to: wear their collars, make their toilet outdoors, to know new places, floors, people and dogs, get used to strange noises and sounds...and sound of tools like a: mower, vacuum cleaner, gardening tools, tractor, cars, barking of other dogs, banging of pots and other house noises...and many more. Our puppies during last weekend successfuly completed their eyes testing. In Slovakia we have only 3 eyes specialist (ESVO) so we traveled 320 km to clinic, to check if our puppies are healthy. We are happy, because we got very good results. Our puppies was fantastic – they traveled together more than 600 km, 8 hours in car – with NO PROBLEM, they were sleeping all the way, no vomitting in car, any „toilet accident“ (we made break every 2 hours, they immediately made a toilet outside...) They was so happy in vet clinic and also we met our friends Andrea with her 2 sweet dachshunds, puppies loves them !!! We are so proud of our wonderful puppies !!! They are so great in character !



We did a new photos to our puppies ! Some together photos and also photos to each pup - which I added to their personal cards. We have still tricolour girl for sale !!! We are looking for loving owner. Our puppies will be great family members, they have high potential to various sports or shows....and to be your best friend !