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News in our Rough collie kennel:

06.03.2017 - 

Fantastic news !!! In our kennel were after 3 years again puppies born ! Our beautiful Jaylin gave birth to 9 wonderful puppies ! It is already the second generation of "Yaless Blue collies" and we are very proud of them...also to our great mum Jaylin, who became mum for the very first time. More info about our "yalessbabies" you will find in section puppies.

10.02.2017 - 

We made some new photos to our sweet girl Jaylin. You can find them in her gallery. I´m continuously adding also photos to gallery Trip mix 2017. This winter is really beautiful, from December we have snow and cold weather...perfect for trips and long walks.

11.01.2017 - 

Our collies took part in some calendars this year. At first, slovak collies & shelties calendar - where all our collies was published - Grace & Jaylin & Dexter, and our offsprings - Miška & Alex. The big honour for us was, that our Miška was chosen to a french collie-online calendar. Im very proud of :)



24.12.2016 - 

Dear friends, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas !!! Very nice christmas present for us, were the results of Slovak Collie&Sheltie Club competition TOP DOG 2016. Our kennel did very well in this competition. Our A-litter was successful, that we gained lots of points (for shows and sports) and we became a 7.TOP COLLIE ROUGH KENNEL in Slovakia. Also our mum Grace became 7.TOP BROOD COLLIE ROUGH BITCH. My gentle girl Jaylin became a 2.TOP SPORTING COLLIE ROUGH and Dexter won and became 1.TOP SPORTING COLLIE ROUGH in 2016 ! We are very happy :)

We added some nice photos to gallery of our beautiful offspring Alex...and some photos to gallery Trip mix 2016.


13.12.2016 - 

Nice album from the trip to beautiful hill Skalisko I added to gallery Hill Skalisko. We were there 3 years ago with Grace, but this time, I took there also kids and they really enjoyed the trip. This Sunday we completed this year's sport season by an even "Bosorkin canicross". This event is very popular and you can find here more than 60 racers. I entered with Dexter to cathegory canicross (19th place) and with Jaylin I attended cathegory bikejoring (7th place). It was our premiere in this cathegory, and we both enjoyed it !



30.10.2016 - 

Some news during oktober also here ;) At first, our offspring "Anima Elle - Miška" attended again a show and again won ! At regional show Litoměřice she won open class with Excellent 1, Class winner and then became a Regional winner (Best bitch). Many thanks to her owner, Jitka - girls, Im very proud to you both ! Autumn is very nice time for various trips, so we are trying to enjoy every free day :) Some photos from our trips and walks I added to gallery "Trip mix 2016". After few years we made again nice hike to hill Slovinská skala, so I added some new photos to older album "Slovinská skala". Our beautiful offspring "All Inclusive - Alex" is enjoying perfect life also, and he also enjoys hikes and trips. I added some new photos to his card.

05.10.2016 - 

Our mischievous girl Grace is today CELEBRATING her 5th Birthday ! Wish you all the best, and be always so SPECIAL like you are from the first day !


24.09.2016 - 

After a longer time finally an update ! Summer is over and I can tell, that we spent it really great. We had many hiking experiences, lot of beautiful trips or relaxing days. The nicest pictures from our summer I added to gallery spring/summer 2016. We made some new photos to our beautiful Grace (click gallery) and to our teddy bear Dexter (click gallery). Our Dexter was all summer training agility and he is really very very clever. We are hoping that next year we will be able to attend some agility races together with Dex :P :)

Our sweet JayJay in now in her summer coat, but despite she is not so fluffy like usually, because of her wonderful body, beautiful movement and loves to show herself she was very successful at our Special Club show of Collies & Shelties. She was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC, Special show winner 2016 aaaaaand finally BOS !!! Im very proud of my girl. It is also a big success for our kennel ! Despite the fact that it was a huge rain all day, the show was held in great atmosphere. Many thanks for profi handling of Jaylin to my friend Katka.


And one more show success from our kennel - my offspring Anima Elle "Miška" took part at regional dog show Louny (04.09.2016) and she was awarded as Excellent 1 and Class winner ! Many thanks and congratulations to proud owner, Jitka !


Dexter and Jaylin at 24.09.16 took part on dogtrekking competition "Dogtrekking a canicross na Zahure" where we obtained beautiful 5th place on the 17 km long track, out of 20 women.


16.07.2016 - 

Our pups from "litter A" celebrated at 11.July their 2nd Birthday ! We wish them all the best ! Our home team Dexter & Jaylin, in the Czech republic Miška, here in Slovakia Alex...and of course, to the rainbow bridge Aury.


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