Collie roughs - Yaless Blue meetings 2018 | Yaless Blue

Yaless Blue meetings 2018 photogallery of rough collies

•August 2018 - In the middle of August I went to Poland, to short vacation, to see my beloved offspring Babydoll "Wronia" living with my dear friend Beata Ostachowicz & her family. They welcomed me very kindly at their mountain cottage in beautiful nature. Their hospitality was so fantastic, many thanks, my dear friends. Wronia is sweet young lady, very friendly and happy. She is very tender, sweet and kind girl. Loves to play. She is really a special personality. Many thanks my dear friends for a beautiful time together ! 

•August 2018 - Every year we used to meet with our dear friend Marzena and her family. This year joined us also my dearest friend Kasia & Robert and Daria - owners of my beautiful blue-merle offspring Be The One and Only "Bianca" and also Peter & Júlia Suváková. We made a great walk to Kôprová dolina valley, to see Kmeťov vodopád waterfall - the highest waterfall in Slovakia (height of 80 meter). We spend fantastic day with the most perfect weather, lots of talk, fun...and it was really one of the best days this year ! Many thanks my dear friends ! Photos by Peter Suvák.




3.-4.February 2018 - Brno / Babice nad Svitavou (CZ): our first Yaless Blue meeting of Czech offsprings. In Saturday we made a nice walk in Moravský kras forests, together with our offsprings: Belmondo & Billion Stars In Eye "Maggie", plus of course our team Dexter, Jaylin, Ginka a Grace. Guest was collie Etinka, the best friend of our offspring Belmondo.


At Sunday we made a great meeting in village Babice nad Svitavou, with our All Inclusive "Alex"BelmondoBear Grylls "Merlin" and of course our guests Etinka and Daniel (a friend of Merlin). And our team, as well :) Both days was very nice weather, great atmosphere, dogs have a big fun and we also :) On the way back home I visited also my offspring Bebe Keksík "Kekso", living near Bratislava. Many thanks to Lenka Horakova for beautiful photos. And many many thanks to all my owners for such a great care !!!