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Volovské hills photogallery of rough collies

• 09-10.07.2011 - Camping under Sivec Hill:

Beautiful and hot weekend, we decided to spend under tents in nature. This time we went less kilometers, whereas the heat was unbearable and we rather prefer to relax on the meadow under the trees. Also the another collie was with us - our great friend Rebel (Rebel Robespierre Zelené tuje). Yaschka and Rebel created a perfect team and guarded our camp. Both were very satisfied. And we were too ;) It was too hot, so nobody wanted to take pictures :D But however some nice photos from our friend Jozef Žiaran:



•02.04.2011 - Kúpele Borda:

Borda-bathouse is former spa community in Slanské mountains. This area is now already gaunt. Then we climbed on the beautiful view under the "Holubia hill", where wonderful view captivated us, so we decided to stay and made a barbecue.



• 26.02.2011 - Baňa Lucia - Jasov:



• 06.02.2011 - Trip to Bukovec (1127 m n.m., 15 km):

Hill Bukovec represents the one of the best sightseeing points in this locality. Although it was the one of the reasons, why we decided to visit this place. And it was not just an ordinary trip. We created a great collie team - composed of of Peter Suvák and his smoothie Bryš, and three roughies: Ľudka with her torpedo Rumba, Juraj with elegant Rebel and me & Yaschka :) What a team! The dogs enjoyed the trip to bits! The weather was sunny, so the the views at the top of the hill were beautiful. It was a fantastic day, we thank our friends for a great company. Beautiful photos and a video will be always remember us this day.



• 19.12.2010 - Jahodná near Košice (24 km):

Nice, frosty and snowy Sunday we spent together with Peter & Bryš on the hike to popular ski resort - Jahodná. Dogs really enjoyed it, they were running and playing a lot... It was almost minus 11 degrees and hike took us all day because of snow - but we did not mind at all, because we felt like in a fairy tale. Indeed, look at beautiful photos from Peter Suvák:



• 28.11.2010 - Jánošíkova bašta under the snow:

After a year and a half, we again chose to visit the popular hiking spot near our town. This time to Yaschka's great joy - with my parents and brother. This place has its charm also in the winter - the forest is like in the fairytale. Although it was not ideally clear sky, we had quite a nice view.