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Slovak Karst photogallery of rough collies

• 16.04.2011 - Hrušovská plateau:

Trip with our family around Hrušov village, where there you can find Hrušovská steppe - protected area north of the village Hrušov. There is really a wonderful nature and we enjoyed it to the bits!



• 27.02.2011 - Almost spring trip to Jelení vrch (947 m.):

We made a great trip to Jelení vrch, the hill under the village Hačava, which is a village which represents a fine example of the relationship between people and the nature. It is located at the edge of the Hájske Údolie valley in the eastern part of the Slovenský Kras karst. This location is our favourite place to trips. It was very nice, sunny day, very calm. We have spent here one nice weekend day.



• 23.01.2011 - Zádielska tiesňava:

We have visited this fascinating place with my family - it is 3 km long karst valley near the village of Zádiel. It is in some places only 10 meters wide and its limestone cliffs amount to more than 300 m. You can find here also a beautiful creek. It is a favorite place of tourists, but in the winter there's less people. We had a great walk, and we also made a barbecue near the cottage at the end of the valley - it was quite a hard work to made a good fire in snow, but we did it :D. Yaschka was very pleased - she like this trip very much - as always :)



• 20.11.2010 - Silická plateau (12 km):

With my friend Jozef we made a nice trip to well known Silická Plateau. I have not been there for a long time, so it was for me a little memories refresh. We visited Silická ľadnica - a cave gap which depth is 91 m. Yaschka liked this gap - she still climbed under the railing and tried to figure out what is below:) Next we went to the beautiful forests and plateaus...The whole day was interesting weather: autumn - mysterious: even a bit of fog - even a piece of sunshine ... We spent really a great day!



• 14.11.2010 - Trip to plateau Dolný vrch (21,3 km):

With our classic hiking team: Peter Suvák with smoothie Bryš and his brother Martin we recognized to discover the hungarian part of Slovak Karst called plateau Dolný vrch. Part belongs to Slovakia and part to Hungary. We have terminated the village to see the Polish community in Hungary, which has been displaced by Horthy year 1943, because on its territory he established a hunting ground. Today this place is typical of its unique and mysterious atmosphere that breathes by the spirit of the past. We also visited the castle Szád-vár - the most widespread castle in Hungary. Views were very nice. During the tour caught us the dark, but we did not give up, and we visited the "Enormous Gap" (depth 100 m). It had its charm, it was just time for bats and they were flewing up from the gap. It was an unforgettable day.



• 06.11.2010 - Exploring the Zádiel (8 km):

With my friend Jozef, we decided to hike maybe a little shorter, but very nice route from the village Háj, at the edges of Zádielska valley and along the ridge to the castle Turniansky. Views have been priceless so we made a lot of photos. Perhaps for that reason we arrived at the Turniansky Castle after dark. Even though we decided to barbecue. The atmosphere of the castle at night irradiated only with light from the fire was amazing. Yaschka kept guard on us. After filling our bellys we went back into the village of Haj. Yaschka was in the head of this night expedition and guarded us against the wild boars :)



• 16.10.2010 - Hiking to Jelení vrch hill (947 m, 22.5 km):

Together with Peter Suvák, his smoothie Bryš and brother Martin we visited the village "Háj", lying in contact of the Košická kotlina with Slovenský kras. We hiked along beautiful plains, meadows up to Jelení vrch hill. There was really a great view. It was the full-day tour, so we had a lot of time to shoot photos and made a video. We came back to the car already in the dark. The dogs was excited from this wonderful trip. They were soooo happy.



• 13.02.2010 - Zádiel Plateau:

An ideal day to visit the beuatiful plateau under the village Zadiel. It was amazing weather - sunny and calm, so we have enjoyed the nice views. It was one of the first warm days of this year. Yaschka was very happy, and she was running through the plains and hid behind trees :) Finally, after a rich meal she get easy and I could made some nice photos of her :)