Collie roughs - news 29.05.2020 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 29.05.2020

Our puppies are already 7 weeks old and they are just microchipped, vaccined and they are waiting for their genetic testing and eyes examination. Im adding every few days new photos to their gallery. There is a period of very intense socialization - they travel a lot by car, visit various new places, meet new people, other dogs, cats and I take them for mini walks to experience the new environment. Of course, adult collies are always there and puppies are learning to be members of dog pack... and recognize the language of dog signals. They are are already learned to be clean in house. They have their own playground in the garden and when they are not sleeping, we still take care of them. Human presence is very important for the development of a puppy. Of course, as with all our litters, they sleep with me at night. I´m trying to give them maximum socialization in this beautiful period of their lives.