Collie roughs - news 07.01.2015 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 07.01.2015

Our litter "A" Yaless Blue will have in few days 6 months. All our puppies are doing very well and they are making their owners very happy !!! We add them new photos to their cards - All Inclusive (Alex), Anima Elle (Miška) a Artemis Aurora (Aury). All pups are practising obedience and our black beauty Artemis Aurora actually starts to present our kennel at the shows. She took part on her first show ever - CAC Brno, CZ and was awarded in baby class as Very promissing 1 and also she was shortlisted in the BIS BABY Group !!! We are very proud to our sweet Aury.


And finally, some news from our kennel - Our Jaylin and Dexter are growing very fast and they become more and more beautiful. Dexter is actually bigger than his mum and I´m sure he will be big and strong boy. He is very lively boy (like his mum), he loves to jump, run and he is very communicative boy. Our sweet princess Jaylin is very balanced girl with incredibly cuddly character. Both have changed their teeths and are, of course, fullteeth. We added new photos to their galleries - Amadeus Mozart (Dexter), All I Want is You (Jaylin). And, finally we made some new photos also to our wonderful sweet mum Grace. Thanks for nice photos to our friend, Katarína.