Collie roughs - Vrch Ohnište | Yaless Blue

Vrch Ohnište photogallery of rough collies

26.11.2013 - Ohnište (1538 m) is an important mountain massif in Low Tatras. The hill has two tops. The higher one is situated above a large meadow and the second one, there is a 10 m large opening called "skalné Okno" (rocky Window). There is a heavy rocky trail to this rocky Window. From the main top you would have one of the most impressive views at the whole Low Tatras mountain ridge, especially at its central part. We visited also the lower hill Slemä - a wooded rocky hill in the north from Ohnište. During the World War II. a small transport plane crashed into the hill and the whole crew died. The spot where the plane crashed is piously decorated. Next to the remains of the plane, there is a burial mound with a table listing the names of victims. We spent a fantastic day with my sweet collie Grace and her smoothie friend Andromeda. Dogs enjoyed this all-day-long hiking to the bits! Thanks for nice photos to Peter Suvák.