Collie roughs - Nógrád Hungary | Yaless Blue

Nógrád Hungary photogallery of rough collies

• Riolittufa - Kazár - The rhyolite tuff is a lunar landscape reminiscent wrinkled surface, stone deeply carved wrinkles, deserted with no vegetation. Is also called "the Hungarian Cappadocia". The snow-white color of the liparite is the result of a large volcanic eruption 20 million years ago.
• Zagyvaróna mountains - Salakhegy - weren’t shaped by nature but by human hands. In Salgótarján and Zagyvaróna, there was once a mining activity of ore and coal. During processing, the by-product from the smelters was accumulated in so-called barren vomit. Over time, the mines exhausted and closed, the factories were demolished to almost no trace. But the cinder cone mountains still show today that there was once a significant industrial activity here.


Many thanks for great trip and photo to Peter Suvák !


• Video from this trip: