Collie roughs - Kráľova hoľa | Yaless Blue

Kráľova hoľa photogallery of rough collies

06.10.13 - Kráľova hoľa (1946 m) is the highest peak of the eastern part of the Low Tatras. It is very famous place, emblazoned with legends. It belongs to the most visited hills in Slovakia and it provides a unique views. We started our hike from village Telgárt. At the top is always very windy and cold, but you can take a break in the little room, located in the building of weather station. Very beautiful place is also the hill Kráľova skala (1690 m), which is located near the Kráľova hoľa. The terrain at the top is difficult because of rocks, roots and sidewalk overgrown by scrub pine. Big thanks for beautiful photos and company to our friend Veronika and her border collie Jenny.