"Yaless Blue collies"





• 23.07.2011 - CACIB Veľká Ida:


We took part on the CACIB in Veľká Ida, which is near our town. We spent very nice day with our friends. Yaschka presented herself in honour class. She got an Excellent 1. The judge, Mr. Vladimír Javorčík really liked her. We got and excellent judgement. Yaschka was in the final competitions selected between the 5 most beautiful dogs from honour class. Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 30.04.2011 - Club show Hurbanovo:



We spent a nice day on the Club show in Hurbanovo. Yaschka presented herself very nice in honour class and got an Excellent with nice judgement from Elena Balázovits /Hungary/. After the Club show, we took part on the Ceremonial club dinner, where we obtained award and price for "TOP WORKING COLLIES 2010". We also tried agility, which held during the exhibition. Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.






• 12.09.2010 - Special show Prešov:



After 3 months of the show pause, we decided to show somewhere again . And the club show was the best choice :) In Presov waited for us a beautifully prepared and decorated show ring full of our collie friends.  I felt like a on the family event than at the exhibition. There was a great atmosphere. Because of smaller number of dogs, the judge announced that he will have more time to judge dogs, so he will be very consistent. Mr. Harsanyi is one of the most strict judges, what I know, so I was full of expectations. As we were the only bitch in the class, mr. judge focused and wrote us a very detailed judgement. He let us also properly show our movement, so Yaschka was really happy (she enjoyed running in the ring). We obtained Excellent 1, CAC & the Special Club show winner. And by this Yaschka fullfilled required conditions to gain the title of Club Champion. Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 06.06.2010 - Club show Nitra:



After a few months of preparations culminate our work on organisation in our club show. I was a little bit worried, but also a looking forward. And - actually it was really a great show. It was judged by mr. Brian Hawkins from Great Britain, really a charismatic man - a legend in the collie world. We were from the morning on the hall. We've had a lot of work with preparations and organisation, so Yaschka was whole day in her Petbox. It should be our premiere in champion class...but until the last minute, I was in the conviction that I didnt enter the show ring - because I was so tired...Yaschka too...and she was in her summer coat condition....but, finally I decided to go. And I have done very well !!! Yaschka presented herself nice, and got an Excellent with really wonderful judgement. Mr. Hawkins really liked her. I was so happy. Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 02.05.2010 - Banská Bystrica CAC:



One of my favourite dog shows, which took place at very nice open air swimming pool. A lot of place and beautiful green grass all around...We spend this show with our friends and we had also knew some new great people. The show was judged by Mr. Sándor Szabó from Hungary. She liked Yaschka very much so he gave her an Excellent 1, CAC and a very nice judgement. By this Yaschka fulfilled required conditions to gain a SLOVAK CHAMPION TITLE !!! Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 12 07.2009 - Košice CAC:



The Košice dog show is one of my most favourites shows. Lovely environs of park, little lake and primarily - the show take place in our city, so long travelling drops out :) We made bivouac under the trees in shadow and  the whole time we were talking with friends. This show was judged by Jaroslav Matyáš - slovak all-round judge. Today Yaschka decided to present herself very nice, so we obtained nice judgement and compliment for an excellent movement and showing. Hurrah! We get nice second place with Excellent 2, r.CAC. We spend lovely day and came home completely tired! The dog-show is probably only thing, that made Yaschka tired :D No wonder, whenever she was running and barking there all day long :D Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 21 06.2009 - Regional show Dvorianky:



Dvorianky and the rain belongs together. So as last year, also this year was on this nice regional dog show very rainy, the wind strongly blew and generally was "under the weather".... Fortunately, Yaschka was 10th in order so we were quickly judged. We tried to don´t look as a "wet chickens" but it was very hard, because it was still raining :D I always said, that people who loves dogs are a little bit crazy :D Because who else could be able to wait many hoursin this bad weather to be judged :D :D :D Yascka luckily like rain, so it was no problem for her...but even though I had a feeling, that she would rather sleep in her bed at home, like in the tent during the rainfall :) In our ring was judging Mr. Havelka and awarded Yaschka with Excellent 1.





• 06.-07. 06.2009 - Nitra Grand Prix CACIB and Club show Nitra:



Both days we took part on the two shows in Nitra Grand Prix Nitra CACIB (judged by collie specialist Mrs. Judit Korosz-Papp from Hungary) and Club collie and sheltie show (judged by collie specialist Mrs. Ildikó Muzslai also from Hungary) Both very dear and fair judges. The shows was in Agrokomplex halls, and the rings was very nice prepared. Both shows was very well organized! Yaschka was a little bit disgusted by the show boredom so we performed in the ring a little rodeo - "I dont want to show myself". But after all, I succeed to satisfy her and we obtained both days Excellent 1 and CAC !!! And also the wonderful judgement !!! She is simply my clever girl! We spend two beautiful days with our collie friends. Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 03.05.2009 - Banská Bystrica CAC:



We spend nice time on this show. It was very sunny and hot day and we met lot of collie friends and see many nice dogs. Yaschka presented herself in ring very nice and obtained result Excellent 3 and nice judgement. Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 21.12.2008 - Budapešť Derby CAC:



Dog show, like the ending of this years show season supriced us very much, with a good organisation, and also with a kind and nice judge - well known - Mrs. Ildikó Muzslai (Double Scotch kennel, HU), which was always smiling and judged very well all dogs! She awarded Yaschka with Excellent 1, CAC and also with valuable title Derby Winner - Im very happy, proud and excited! It was really a great day for us!!!! You can also look a short video from this show ! Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 12.10.2008 - Zemplén CAC / Sarospatak:



Today we were with our friend Majka and her smoothie Dajra on the not so far show in hungary Sárospatak. The road was not so long, because this little town is located only 80 km from Košice. Smaller, likeable show placed in the area of camp, suprised us with fact, that no one can speak english and they didnt axcepted euro-currency ;) Our ring was big, well placed and collies got to round approximately 1 hour after the judgging open. Together was in show 6 collies. Our Yaschka was competed in intermediate class and obtained Excellent 1, CAC and a judgement in hungary language, so we dont understand it :D Although the sun was whole day hidden by the fog, and there was a little bit cold...we were very pleased and had a nice experience.





• 05.10.2008 - European show Budapest:



We signed to this dog show even in April, and I must said, that we plan to go only for a look and experience because we dindt have any ambitions to fit the place on so prestige dog show. But  like a collie lover, I must go to this show and look to so many wonderful collies! The time is ticking away and the 5th November has arrived! On Sunday, in early morning, we were hit the road from Kosice to Budapest. The road was OK, despite of long blockage in Budapest. Soon we were in the beautiful big hall, full of people and wonderful dogs! The collies were judged in three rings. The whole slovak expedition was in the first ring...only me and Yaschka were in the opposite ring. So I had to watch the happening, to dont miss the judging! On the show I met many wonderful people, which wanted to snap the photo of Yaschka, or only talk about collies. I had also met the Yaschkas breeder Erika from kennel Rineweld. It was very beautiful meeting! We were competde in intermediate class with 4 another bitches. Our judge, Mrs. Muzslai was very kind, dear lady, which had carefully previewed and touched all collies. She valuated Yaschkas nice head, colour and good temper :D We had done once more circle along the ring and we were waited for the results. Suddenly the judge came to us and handed us her hand.......and said, that we are FIRST!! We were very happy, affected and proud to our sweet, beloved Yaschka. You can also look a short video from this show ! Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 20.09.2008 - Special show Horný Kalník:



Today took place the Special collie and sheltie dog show in Horný Kalník. Because of ugly weather the show took place inside - in Culture house. The space was a little bit restricted, but never mind - there was a right club atmosphere :) We arrived a little bit later, so suddenly we were in the ring :) Yaschka competed with 4 toher bitches, in intermediate class, as she had this day her 18 months. We got very nice judgement and Mrs. judge admired especially Yaschkas good coat condition and nice body. Yaschka presented herself very nice and we got wonderful Excellent 1, CAC ! We were very happy and Yaschka especially, because now she can get "free" and go to play out with other collies :) You can also look a short video from this show ! Thanks for beautiful photos to Peter Suvák, kennel Jantárová Hviezda.





• 10.08.2008 - Regional show Dolný Kubín:



With our friend Majka and her smoothie Dajra we recognized, that we will make a trip to Dolný Kubín to small regional dog show. The way was great, empty roads and soon we were at the place! On the show was a lot of hunter's dogs. We were only collies. It was a really sunny day and we were at the beginning of judging in our ring. So we were soon judgeg. Mr. Mészáros like us very much and we got really nice judgement. Yaschka had good mood, so she present herself very nice. You can also look a short video from this show !





• 19.04.2008 - Regional show Dvorianky:



It was very nice little dog show in village called Dvorianky. Dog show was on the football field. Very good organized....but worse was, that it was raining whole day, so judging was a little bit uncomfortably. I was trying to protect Yaschka from the rain how it was possible...But finally after all we have received very nice judgement and went home otherwise wet but satisfied!