Collie roughs - news 24.12.2016 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 24.12.2016

Dear friends, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas !!! Very nice christmas present for us, were the results of Slovak Collie&Sheltie Club competition TOP DOG 2016. Our kennel did very well in this competition. Our A-litter was successful, that we gained lots of points (for shows and sports) and we became a 7.TOP COLLIE ROUGH KENNEL in Slovakia. Also our mum Grace became 7.TOP BROOD COLLIE ROUGH BITCH. My gentle girl Jaylin became a 2.TOP SPORTING COLLIE ROUGH and Dexter won and became 1.TOP SPORTING COLLIE ROUGH in 2016 ! We are very happy :)

We added some nice photos to gallery of our beautiful offspring Alex...and some photos to gallery Trip mix 2016.