Collie roughs - news 22.05.2017 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 22.05.2017

We added photos of our puppy´s girls in their age of 11 weeks - BabydollBillie Jean a Baywatch Babe. I added photos also to another puppies from B-litter and also to Alex "All Inclusive" from litter A. Many thanks for nice photos to their owners ! We still have two beautiful girls for sale:


Our beautiful girl Anime Elle "Miška" presented herself beautifully at the IDS Litoměřice, where she obtained beautiful results as Excellent 3 !!! Many thanks to her owner Jitka for excellent presentation of Miška, which was on every show always awarded as Excellent, same as her sister Jaylin, our sweet girl. I´m really proud to my beautiful offsprings !