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Our collie roughs news - 15.07.2017

The 11.07.2014 was an extraordinary day for me, because my dreamy A-litter was born. And now, they are just 3 years old and so successful in all ways - sports, shows, breeding, working...they all have fantastic characters, and superb exterior ! I´m so proud of them ! This LITTER was so successful, that I became a 5.TOP & 7.TOP KENNEL in Slovakia (2015 & 2016) ! Quite good results with 1st litter, aren´t they? HAPPY B-day my dear Jaylin, Dexter, Miška & Alex...



Our B-litter puppies will be surely at least so successful as our A-pups. They are incredibly clever in such a tender age and also very very beautiful. Our handsome lad Belmondo, living in Czech republic took part at the training camp "Leto s Lassie" (Summer with Lassie), where he won the "Lassie´s darling" competition, for the cutest collie in all camp. Our pride and big hope for the future Be The One and Only "Bianca", living in Poland, is really the most wonderful blue puppy, you can imagine. She have fantastic character, he is active and mischievous just like her granny Grace :P. She visited the school for purblind children, where she was training for her role of future canistherapy dog. So it seems, that like her auntie Miška, also the Bianca will be in future helping people ! Oh, and when we are talking about Miška - she also took part at the training camp "Leto s Lassie" and she won there 2nd place in the competition, where dog & owner needs to complete various obstacles and challenges :) She is really very clever girl.


Few days ago visited us here in Slovakia, the owners of Billion Stars in Eye "Maggie", living in Czech. We took with us also our brother Bvlgari "Bebe" and of course our gang...and we made a beautiful trip to the meadows and rocks in the neighborhood of Spiš Castle. The weather was unfortunately not so good, it was raining a little bit, but we did not care, and we spent a fantastic time together. Our 3 kids - Bebe, Maggie and Ginka played a lot and were so happy to see each other again. Maggie is really very very beautiful lady, and her owners take fantastic care about her, they are also training dogdancing and she is extremely clever.




Our Ginka is growing very fast, she is 4,5 months old and she is so clever girlie :) She is so good puppy ! When we needs to take rest, she take rest...and when we need from her to be active, she is superactive girl. She is clever like an adult dog. I´m trying to socialise her the best, she is always with me - in work, in restaurant, in city, in car, and also I took her with us to agility trainings, which I´m atttending with her uncle Dexter. She can meet there many dogs and new people. And I think maybe in autumn we will also try this nice sport with her. Now we are doing basic obedience and we are also enjoying walks and increase her condition and muscles, to support her body in this very important life stage, when she is growing so fast. She is really my big hope for the future. Nice photos from our days you can find in Trip mix 2017 gallery.