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Our collie roughs news - 21.01.2018

We have couple of news from the past two months :) So, lets see, what´s new at us:


Our fantastic puppies from B-litter reached 10 months. They all grow to a very imposant & big collies, with very good characters, so I´m really proud to all of them, because this is really important to me, in my breeding. I added lot of new photos to their personal cards. I decided, that I will visit in next weeks all my offsprings and make them some nice photos :) Our offsprings in Czech republic I´m planning to visit in February, so you can look forward to nice photos of them. In January I visited and made a photos of our beautiful Bvlgari "Bebe" (SR)Be The One and Only "Bianca" a Babydoll "Wronia" (PL)...and our homie Billie Jean "Ginka":



The holiday time around Christmas & New Year I decided "to take a rest", so I travelled 1000 kms to a Baltic sea, to visit my offsprings in Poland: Beautiful blue-merle Be The One and Only "Bianca" and charming tricolour girl Babydoll "Wronia". Both girls are really beautiful collies with very gentle, sweet and playful character. I´m very proud of both girls and I really want to thank to the owners for great care. The photos from our holidays at Baltic sea, you can view in gallery.


In 2018 I have very interesting puppy plans with our wonderful girl Grace. With Jaylin we will be planning a next litter in the beginning of 2019, now she needs a rest after her first, big litter. In the case of serious interest for a puppy from us, you can contact us. For our puppies we are looking for a special people, with serious interest in breed, who will appreciate the quality of this fantastic breed and will take care about their dogs as a family members.


Our dogs took part in december-january at the special Dorn massage and we tried also the lymphatic drainage massage. Because our collies are very active, I´m trying to do the best for their perfect conditions. Our sweet boy Dexter overcame in November dangerous illness from ticks - babesiosis. Fortunately, due to the early detection and proper treatment, he was clinically healthy within a few days. However, the internal regeneration of the organism lasts longer, as this disease and the subsequent treatment are very aggressive for the body of the dog.



Some news from sports: Our beautiful and clever offspring Belmondo took part at 7th January on his first unofficial agility competition. In the cathegory "puppies Large" in the run through the tunnels he completed 3 runs. In his first run he was on the 2nd place, in second run he won the 1st place and in the third run he was on the 3rd place. And all this in strong competition of many other puppies. Im very proud to him and his perfect owner Lenka ! At the 10th December we took part with Jaylin and Dexter on the "Bosorkin canicross". We were entered into the bikejoring category with Jaylin and canicross with Dexter, but because of the freshly snowed snow and very slippery surface the organizers canceled the bikejoring category and so I started with both in canicross.



The best moments from our favourite activity - hiking, you can find in gallery Trip mix 2018 and beautiful photos from the trip to hill Skalisko you can view in gallery Skalisko.


In popular Czech magazine "Psí kusy" a nice article about Collie Rough was published this months. I was choosed with another 3 breeders to participate on this article. Im very happy :) Scan will be available later in section successes.