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News in our Rough collie kennel:

27.03.2013 - 

This weekend we organized a special hike - to the middle of Slovakia, where we made a perfect hike to the beautiful hill Kľak (1 351.6 m) in the Malá Fatra hills. More from our hike with collies you can see in the the album Hill Kľak in the gallery.

03.03.2013 - 

At the end the week we made with our collie Grace a long-planned hike to my favorite Kráľova Hola hill (1946 m.). We spent a fantastic day. Take a look to some beautiful photos to the gallery of Kráľova hoľa hike.

28.02.2013 - 

In winter, foggy weather is not always the best for making the photos, so I was pleased with the nice pictures from our weekend trip. To the gallery of our collie Grace I added a new album from hike the hill Oblík.

28.01.2013 - 

Grace was awarded in the prestigious competition TOP DOG of our Slovak Collie and Sheltie club - as a TOP YOUTH COLLIE ROUGH BITCH 2012 ! She was ranked as 6.TOP COLLIE ROUGH BITCH 2012 and sme became also a 3.TOP CLUB HOPE 2012 (from all Collies rough, Collies smooth and Shelties). We are proud of our little Grace, for these wonderful achievements that she have won at such a young age. We have added some new photos (portraits in the age of 15.5 months) to her gallery.

15.01.2013 - 

During the weekend we made a winter hike on the highest peak in the Low Tatras - Ďumbier (2046 m). It's already the second Grace´s two-thousand high hill :) Of course, Grace did not notice any vertical rise, and she was running up and down like a snowmobile :))) It was a beautiful frosty weather, with misty atmosphere ... gorgeous photos from Ďumbier by P. Suvák you can see in Grace´s photogallery from Hiking in Tatras.

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