Collie roughs - news 11.09.2015 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 11.09.2015

Last weekend we took part on the competition Dogtrekking Slovenský raj with my black prince Dexter. It was his first doghiking competition and he was fabulous! The track was 33 km long and it was probably one of the toughest competition which I completed, because the terrain in this National park was very difficult (big elevations, rocky terrain, some laders on the track and very slippery path, because of heavy rain during the track ..) But we DID IT in the great time 6:38 and we obtained 4th place ! (only 14 min. lost of a winner of 1th place ). Dexter is also very good in agility training, which we are doing with him.


Our kids Jaylin & Dexter made us really proud of, by passing exam herding instincts test successfully (judge: Milena Topinková , CZ) ! On this exam they were first time by sheeps (any training before) and they were both fantastic from the first second ! So now, all our Collie team (also our first collie Yaschka, in memoriam) are "true scottish Collies" with herding test passed :)



At 11.sept exactly four years have passed since when ou first beloved Collie Yaschka has left us...she will be always in our hearts...forever...