Collie roughs - news 10.01.2014 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 10.01.2014

Last year was very successful for us - our beautiful collie Grace did well on the shows and the sport field. We took place this year only at 6 shows, mostly those, which were judged by breed specialists. Thanks to beautiful results at these shows, Grace was ranked on the 8th place in club competition TOP BITCH COLLIE ROUGH 2013 !


Year 2013 we dedicated mainly to sport. Grace presented her temperament and sled talent in dogtrekking and canicross. Together we passed several races and all have been for us an unforgettable experience. Thanks to this results our Grace became a 1st TOP SPORTING COLLIE ROUGH 2013 at our club competition !!! I´m very proud of my Grace ♥ !


Overview of our races and sports achievements can be found in gallery Our sports. Thanks to all the friends who helped and supported us towards this valuable success !