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Our collie roughs news - 23.09.2017

Summer update :) The summer was so adventurous, that I hope I will not forget any news. So, at first - at 3.9.2017 celebrates their 6 months our "puppies" from litter B. Many thanks to their owners for great care and wonderful photos, which their are always sending to me. I added some new photos to every pup from our litter B. And of course, also to our A-puppies, Miška and Alex.


Show successes - Our beautiful Anima Elle "Miška" took part at 2 shows in summer. At both she was very successful, as always. Regional show Louny 10.09.2017 - Excellent 2 and Regional show Martiněves 22.07.2017 - Excellent 1, Class winner & Regional winner. Miška is our star ! Many thanks to her owner Jitka for great presentation. At 15.09.2017 our yaless blue team took part on our big Special Club show in Malý Lapáš. Our team were very successful ! In very strong competition and full classes, we obtained: Grace in champion class Excellent 2, r.CAC and Jaylin in open class Excellent 2, r.CAC. Our puppies: Ginka and Belmondo were at their first show training. Belmondo was born for show ring, like his mum Jaylin. He was awarded as Very promissing 2 and next day at CACIB Nitra he was Very promissing 4 ! Many thanks to his owner Lenka for great care and very good show training. After the show we enjoyed family trip with our collies.



♥ Sport successes - Our hope living in Poland, Be The One and Only "Bianca" is not only beautiful, but also a very clever puppy. In puppy obedience school, which she successfully passed during summer, she obtained 1st place in final obedience competition. Bianca, we are very proud to you ! Many thanks to Kasia for perfect care ! Our Dexter made me really happy. After a long time of trainings, we took part on our first agility competitions - Non oficial competition 20.08.2017 Perínske agility hry. In the final results we obtained great 4th place in our category. Im very proud to my clever boy Dexter. The action summer I was closing by Gelnický dogtrekking 26.08.2017, where I started with Jaylin and Dexter on the hard (many hills) MID track (30 km) with 4:42 time and 4th place in woman competition. It was very hot day, but my team did very well !




Hiking and trips - this summer was very rich for many wonderful experiences from various trips. We are trying to spend every free day in nature. The most beautiful photos from our summer you can find in gallery Trip mix 2017. Our Ginka loves to hiking and she became to be a real hiking baby :) This summer we met for the 3rd time with our dear friends from Poland - Marzena & family and her collies. Together with Katka a Mirka and 11 dogs (10 collies) we made a wonderful trip to National Park Pieniny - to the highest peak of Pieniny - Vysoké Skalky. Photos are also in Trip mix 2017.


♥ ..and some more news - My friend made for us beautiful video from the summer time, when we have at home some puppies at home. I took all my dogs to the examination of Dorn Therapy, to be sure, that their bones are in right position. It is also a great "wellness" for them, and their really enjoyed it. One great news - we took our Ginka and Belmondo to the eyes examination re-check. They are CEA/PRA/KAT - totally free. I´m very happy :)


At 11th September every year, there is a special memory to my first collie Yaschka, who left us in 2011. Rest in Peace, dear Yaschka, we missed you...