Collie roughs - news 04.06.2017 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 04.06.2017

This weekend gone to her new home our fantastic Baywatch Babe "Neli"...she loved to slept with my in bed...I will miss her soooo much ! But in her new family an aussie friend is waiting for her and she will have very bright sport future ! We wish all the best to the new owners with this precious girl with fantastic character.


I made nice videos to our sweet girls (still for sale - only for serious ownersBillie Jean "Ginka" and Babydoll "Emka". Puppies are fully house-clean trained and they have fantastic characters. They are also fully vaccinated. We took them for another socialisation - this time to the train station. We spent about an hour watching the trains, meeting people and so on. Our 3 girls did very well, I think they are gettting ready to be a perfect city dogs. And we also visited sheeps for the first time. They also meet with a very nice cat and as you can see on video, they liked each other. I also took my girls for the first time to the know the water...and they were totally happy and excited from water. Im also very happy, that they are so TOP in character.





And now some news from the life of our adult collies: Saturday, 27.5. we took part on the competition Dogtrekking Slovenský raj. It was heavy 22km track with elevation 1130 m in mountains, ravines, rocks. I took all my 3 collies there. It was my first dogtrekk after a "puppy break", so I really did not have any high expectations for a good results - so I was really happy and suprised that we obtained 7th place with really great time. I also added one nice video from our favourite activity with my collies - bikejoring.