Collie roughs - news 11.11.2017 | Yaless Blue

Our collie roughs news - 11.11.2017

At 28.10.2017 we took part with Grace & Jaylin on the dogtrekking competition "MiniDogtrek Putovné Labky", where we on the 25 km long track obtained beautiful 4th place. Next day, our Dexter took part on his 2nd unofficial agility competition. It was a club competition of Agility club TINKY (where we are training). We did two runs, open jumping (DIS) and tunels ( !!!). Dexter was very successful again and he loved it ! Our "small" Ginka also started to train agility this month, and she is very very very clever !!! Also her brother, Belmondo, living in Czech started to train agility and also very successful at his first lessons. I´m very proud of !



Our beautiful offspring Anima Elle "Miška" took at 4.11.2017 part at DOUBLE CACIB Praha dog show. It was quite a interesting experience for them, because of big traffic jam, they missed judgind, they asked judge (Mrs. Dana Fialová) for judging her additionally (out of order)...and she agreed! And Miška got "Excellent" with beautiful judgement !!! I´m so proud of you, my girls !


Nice photos from our autumn trips I added to gallery Trip mix 2017 and also I made a beautiful gallery from trip to Lom Tengerszém. On the Youtube I uploaded funny video from our 1st snow trip this year...and for the Ginka it was her first snow ever ! She loved it, obviously !