Collie roughs - Yaless Blue meetings 2019 | Yaless Blue

Yaless Blue meetings 2019 photogallery of rough collies

•August 2019 - in August visited me my dear friends from Poland - Marzena and Kasia with their families and collies, which included also 3 my offsprings. We made more than one meeting, and we spent wonderful time together in mountains. Im very happy, because I saw all my offsprings this year ! Im so grateful for my yaless blue family ! On the photos from august meetings you can find: from litter A - mine Amadeus Mozart "Dexter" a All I Want is You "Jaylin". From litter B: my Billie Jean "Ginka" , Be The One and Only "Bianca"Bvlgari "Bebe"Bebe Keksík "Kekso"Babydoll "Wronia". From C-litter took part all: CmukynkaClark Kent "Milo"Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira". Many thanks ! Great photos here:




•Jun 2019 - In the beautiful nature near Czech city Brno we made our 2nd yaless blue czech meeting. All my offsprings from czech came, and also some bonus entries from Slovakia. I was so happy ! 11 Yaless Blue collies and 3 guests. We spent a great great  day ! From A litter came all: All Inclusive "Alex"Anima Elle "Miška" and two mine: Amadeus Mozart "Dexter" a All I Want is You "Jaylin".  From B litter it were: Bear Grylls "Merlin"Billion Stars in Eye "Maggie"BelmondoBaywatch Babe "Neli" a moja Billie Jean "Ginka"C-vrhwas represented by Cmukynka. And of course, our queen Grace.




•February 2019 - In the end of February we went to Poland to see my beloved offspring Babydoll "Wronia" . We visited her in their beautiful cottage in Wola Skrzydlanska, where we have been a year ago. We spent there beautiful weekend with Beata and Jurek. We took with us small Cassovia Baltic Sea "Eira" and we say "bye bye" to our offspring Clark Kent "Milo", who went to their new home. Photos are from both days.