Collie roughs - Slanské meadows | Yaless Blue

Slanské meadows photogallery of rough collies

03.05.15 - SLANSKÉ LÚKY:  Beautiful walk with mummy Grace and her kids Jaylin & Dexter (actually 10 months old) and doggie friends. Photos by Peter Suvák.



15.11.14 - SLANSKÉ LÚKY: Beautiful sunset late-autumn walk with my sweeties: siblings Jaylin & Dexter (on the photos in the age of 4.5 months) and their mum Grace (actually in her smooth coat after pups :P ). Grace loves the meadows, because there she can retrieve her favourite ball...and pups loves to be everywhere, because the world is a big playground for them :) Photos by Peter Suvák.




31.09.12 - SLANSKÉ MEADOWS: With Grace we visited our friends - family Suvák (kennel Jantárová hviezda) and spent a perfect day. At the early evening we went to enjoy the sunset on beautiful meadows with collie friends - smoothies Andromeda and Amber. Collies enjoyed it and have a great fun. Grace was trying to hunt some mouse in a large grass. Of course, she was unsuccessful :D Grace on the photo almost 12 months old. Photos by Peter Suvák.




06.04.12 - SLANSKÉ LÚKY: Through the Easter holidays Grace spent a great day full of plays with her friends Beid & Rebel on the meadows under the Slanský castle. Grace on the photo 6 months old. Photos by Peter Suvák.