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Slanské hills photogallery of rough collies

• 25.04.2011 - The Zamutov Rocks

Our big trip at first to town Michalovce /first two photos/ and then to the village Rudľov, where live our granmother. Then, after the lunch we went to visit the Zamutov Rocks, a beautiful place deep in the woods, where you can find wonderful views. We spent a great day!



• 18.12.2010 - Malý Milič (759 m, 13 km)

This weekend we went to Slanské hills. I chose interesting route from the village Slanská Huta to the hill Malý Milič. The route was marked by tourist signs all the time, what is important in winter time - because paths are often blown by the snow. The weather was perfect - it was snowing lightly, and it was pretty freezing...and also nowhere no sign of live soul. We were amazed by look to the herd of moufflon - that which are kept by an local family for the joy. Mouflon were so quiet and shy, that Jaška initially did not even notice them. But when she saw them, she ran along the fence and she was trying to herd them :) I placed a couple of nice photos from Jozef Žiaran:



• 17.10.2010 - Hiking around the lake Izra (10 km)

We had this trip with my mother & brother. There are a lots of eatable chesnuts in this area, so we decided to go gather a few. It was a little bit cold day, but fortunately very shiny. We made also a barbecue - so Yaschka was delighted, because she received a tasty chicken leg :) We also visited Hungary because near was the tourist border crossing. It was really a great day, and Yaschka was happy, as always :)