Our sports photogallery of rough collies

Besides our big hobby - hiking with dog we are doing with our Collie rough Grace the official competitive canine sports - our main activities are dogtrekking (cynologic endurance sport, in which extraordinary distances are covered in a set time limit) and canicross (cross country running with dog).


In this gallery you can find an overview of our official completed races and pictures from different events or other sport activities:



Date: Event: Track: Result:
27.06.2015 Psí špacír MINI (16 km) 2.place
24.04.2015 Cassovia Running Canicup 1 round (3.8km) 12.place
14.12.2014 Bosorkin canicross 1 round (3.8 km) 13.place
11.10.2014 Dogtrekking Popročský hádankár MINI (25 km) 2.place
20.04.2014 5.Furčiansko-Budimírsky dogtrekking MINI (14 km) completed
20.04.2014 Tatranský štek - dogtrekking MINI (13 km) completed
19.04.2014 Veľkonočný dogtrekking /canicross MINI (10 km) 3.place
07.12.2013 MS a MČR 2013 v zimním horském Dogtrekkingu MINI (15 km) 3.place
26.-27.10.2013  MS o Pohár primátora mesta SNV (Dryland Canicross Women)  2 rounds (2x 3,30 km)  6.place
26.10.2013 3. Furčiansky dogtrekking MINI (15 km) 3.place
19.-20.10.2013 Memoriál Daniela Lukáča (OFF SNOW Canicross Women) 2 rounds (2x 4 km) 7.place
28.09.2013 Priateľský minidogtrekking KK Biely Tesák MINI (25 km) 1.place
14.09.2013 Malokarpatský dogtrekking MID (35 km) 8.place
20.07.2013 Dogtrekking Havinošľap 2013 MID (45 km) 5.place
01.06.2013 Cross country Jahodná (Bežecké preteky) 1 round (11 km) completed
20.04.2013 Kavečiansky Canicross 1 round (10 km) 8.place
07.12.2012 Čierny dogtrekking Bieleho Tesáka MINI (15 km) 2.place