Collie roughs - Norway 2013 | Yaless Blue

Norway 2013 photogallery of rough collies


Beautiful photos from our August vacation in Norway with dogs. We made 4300 km tour from Slovakia to Norway with caravan. We visited some fantastic places, from which memories will remain forever. Norway nature is like a touch of heaven - so wild, clean, untouched... Ideal for hiking or only enjoying the beautiful surrounding environment. My active collie Grace enjoyed our vacation fully! You can find here some impressions from our route, camping, trips, walks and also bigger hikes in special places. Enjoy ! Photo: P. Suvák.



Norwegian mountain, located in Lysefjorden - its northern drop (984 m) attracts most visitors, because of “Kjeragbolten”, a 5 m³ stone located between two rocks. To reach this place, you need about 2.5-3-hour walk.



It is s a massive cliff 604 m. above Lysefjorden - the top of the cliff is approximately 25 by 25 m., almost flat, and is a famous tourist attraction in Norway. A trip to Preikestolen from the closest car park takes about 3–4 hours for a round-trip hike.



It is a piece of rock (1100 m) that stands horizontally out of the mountain above Skjeggedal in Odda. The view is breathtaking. The heavy hike goes through high mountains, takes 8-10 hours of walk in total, it is 24 km and the ascent is about 900 meters.



It is Norway's 3rd largest glacier. We visited “Buarbreen” - an offshoot of the Folgefonna glacier. It takes roughly 1.5 to 2 h. to get to the edge of the glacier - a great challenging hike, involving ropes, crossing of wild creeks and climbing. Further walking onto the glacier is possible but only with the guidance.