Collie roughs - Muráň plateau | Yaless Blue

Muráň plateau photogallery of rough collies

09.06.2013 - Muráň Plateau is my place of heart since childhood. Returning therefore are always lovely to me. One sunny, or even hot Sunday we again choose these beautiful plains. The dominant plateau "Great Meadow" is famous place of horses breeding. We visited Poludnica hill (942 m.) and also Muráň castle (935 m.), which stands on a hill just opposite Poludnica. You can see from one to the other and there is a deep valley below them. Both views were beautiful. Suddently came a thunderstorm (from the heat outside) but we were safely hidden in the tourist shelter. We spent a wonderful day with friends from kennel Jantárova hviezda and their smooth collies Beid and Andromeda.