Collie roughs - Kôprová dolina | Yaless Blue

Kôprová dolina photogallery of rough collies

The Kôprová valley is 12 km long branched valley with a lot of side-valleys. It is situated between the West and the High Tatras below the northern slopes of the Kriváň peak. There is an asphalt road in the lower part of the valley along the Kôprovský potok (creek). Close to the end of the valley you will find 80 m high Kmeťov vodopád (Kmeťov Waterfall), the highest in the High Tatras. Then the path passes the huge Vajanského vodopád (Vajanského Waterfall) that falls through 170 m high terrace of the picturesque Temnosmrečinská Valley and Nižné Temnosmrečinské pleso (Mountain-lake). The lake is the third largest in the Slovak part of the High Tatras. We spent wonderful all day hike with our collies and friends. Our sweet Dexter, Jaylin and Grace have a big fun with their friends Damien & Samantha and new friend Jessie (Preeminent Line Jasika) with her owner Marzena Chwołka & family from Poland. Thank for the great photos to Katka.