Collie roughs - Holland 2013 | Yaless Blue

Holland 2013 photogallery of rough collies

Holland as the country of tulips and wind mills was always in my mind as a place, which I want to visit for sure. But I didn´t know, that I will succeed so soon and that's all will be again "causes" by Collies ;) When we obtained a invitation from our dear friend and well known holland breeder Miep, to visit their club show, as too much responsible person, I just smiled and told myself that it would be too crazy idea. But when I thought about it further, I really didn´t found any reason why it would be not realizable ... so we went :) I was looking forward to see one of the largest and most prestigious european club shows. There were entered 125 collies - and as the Holland breeding is one of the top in european collie´s breeding, it was for me a pleasure to see so many high quality and beautiful collies...and of course it was very nice feeling to won with Grace intermediate class in such a strong competition.


I was looking forward to getting know a new country and also to meet friends and breeders. Trip surpassed my expectations. Holland countryside is beautiful. Everywhere plains, meadows, fields and steppes and all in accordance and harmony with nature. Villages were so beautiful, as from the fairytales. And everywhere smiling and welcoming people ... created in me the best impression from this country. As part of our trip, we visited a village Wijdenes, where we were staying, the beautiful small city of Hoorn, the capital city Amsterdam, every day we have took walks with our collies in the Netherlands' largest lake Markermeer and we were also visited the North Sea. It was a great travel experiences to take my Grace to visit the sea. She was, of course, very happy from this trip. It was ridiculous to watch her face wondering, when she drunk the salty sea water :) She enjoyed all our trip - playing with Miep´s lovely collies, walking in towns or running along the beach, forests and meadows. With her friend Samantha enjoyed a comfortable traveling because a luggage in the car was the soft padding Kingdom for them ;) Again I have to thank to my fellows, and Katarína and driver Rišo, but especially Miep Van Dulken with Harry, who took care of us and we have created a homely atmosphere during the entire stay. I was so looking forward to the meeting with Grace´s brother "Pauillac". It is very successful and beautiful dog, which is now starting his career of successful stud dog -  no wonder, he is one of the most beautiful tricolor I've ever seen!


Some nice photos from our trip you can view here: