Collie roughs - Hill Kriváň | Yaless Blue

Hill Kriváň photogallery of rough collies

October 2017 - High Tatras has a symbolic peak: Kriváň (2495 m). We say that every Slovak has to conquer Kriváň peak at least once in their lifetime. Kriváň is the most beautiful peak of the High Tatras - it offers a 360-degree view which is among the best ones in Slovakia. The route to Kriváň is very difficult not only for people, but also for dogs.  It’s not even hiking rather climbing the rocks in this last section on a narrow ridge towards the peaks. Only the best mountain - trained dogs can reach it. I was so happy, that my Dexter & Grace did it. I took only them, because it will be not safe to take more than 2 dogs. Many thans to Peter Suvák for beautiful photos. Also his dogs Alicia & Bjů took with us.