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Hiking Tatras photogallery of rough collies

• 18.08.2011 - Climbing Slavkovský štít ( 2 452.4 m):

Slavkovský štít is a mountain peak in the High Tatras. Its summit is 2452 metres above sea level. It can be reached by foot on a walking trail in about five hours from village Starý Smokovec. It is one of the most difficult hike and one of the highest points which is accessible with the dog. Stony terrain was very difficult and requires the maximum condition of dogs. It was a great day - the views were breathtakings! Our collies: Yaschka, Rebel Robespierre Zelené tuje and smoothie Andromeda Jantárova hviezda humbled world record in the number of collies in such a high altitude ;) Thanks go to Peter Suvák for this breathtaking photos! The most beautiful photos you can view here:



• 06.08.2011 - Trip to Štrbské pleso - waterfall Skok:

We made a great trip with our friends and also with our dogs to Hight Tatras - Štrbské pleso - on waterfall Skok. We spent a great time with our friends, and had a lot of fun. Yaschka enjoyed the trip with her friends: collies Samantha Sue Zelené tuje a Rebel Robesprierre Zelené tuje.



• 29.12.2010 - Low Tatras - Kráľova hoľa (1946 m.):

I was dreaming about visiting this place for several months. Finally, however came the opportunity to visit this charming place - a symbol of Slovakia, the place emblazoned with legends and poems. At the top of this hill I finally understood why ... this place has incredible charm and totally won me. It was an experience of year for me! That day was just perfect for hiking - chillingly beautiful, sunny and calm. And a fantastic visibility. We chose the blue tourist trail from the village Šumiac. It took us about three hours to reach the top of hill, the superelevation of a road was tidy - but even though it was probably the most demanding hike of this year, we enjoyed every meter. Yaschka incredibly loves Tatras and she was so excited from this trip. On the top of the hill it was unreally freezing. On the way down we saw the gorgeous sunset was simply unforgettable trip.



• 31.10.2010 - Climbing Babky - West Tatras (1156 m):

As part of the "collie owners meeting" on the Liptov we organized a great trip to the Western Tatras on the Babky hill. Although the distance was shorter (9,54 km), but the difficulty was to overcome the height difference of 800 meters approximately on four kilometers. 7 Rough Collies, 1 Smooth Collie and one Shapendoes - unique phenomenon in the Tatry Mountains. It was an unforgettable day. Thanks to our friends for a great company, fantastic entertainment and beautiful photos!



• 25.09.2010 - Hiking in Belianske Tatras (1933 m):

After some time we managed to visit into the mountains again. The route was planned by my friend and I have only tuned the details. At the morning we went from Kosice and shortly after we were in Ždiar. Yaschka was very excited and could not wait no longer. We went through a beautiful Monk valley up to Kopské sag. The route was great, but later there ware a large number of tourists, so we felt like we were on the motorway :) Yaschka jumped on the rocks like chamois, but we have spotted also the real chamois. We have also spotted the bear family on the nearby meadows, which was a great experience for us. Yaška was excited from this wonderful trip... and I think we both wished that the day lasted even longer, and that we managed to go further. And if you want to see how looks happy collie after a day hike, see the last photo of Yaschka, taken in car on the way home;)



• 31.07.2010 - Climbing Baranec - West Tatras (2184 m):

We spend a wonderful day in the West Tatras - one of the nicest part of Slovakia. I was planning to visit Tatras for a long time, so when my friend Juraj called me to this wonderful trip - I could not to say no :) Our fellow was also Marek with Keeshond "Atila". So Yaschka was very happy, because she loves dogs fellowship on trips. Morning arrival of our trip was unfortunately very rainy...but after a half hour of rain, the sun finally rose and the rest of the day was really very warm and sunny! The climbing was really a difficult, but also very nice, because the panoramas were absolutely wonderful ! This was the best motivation for us! Yaschka was really delighted, because she loves to climb and loves views. She was so happy here! Always smiling! And she suprised me with her great performance ! She was always at the head of our expedition ! For superb photos and unforgettable day thank to our friend Juraj Pivka: