Collie roughs - Dérenk and Szádvár | Yaless Blue

Dérenk and Szádvár photogallery of rough collies

March 2014 - We visited Derenk, "the ghost town" in Hungary. Derenk was the only town with a population consisting exclusively of Polish people. In 1943 the story of the village finished, everything was packed to deliver somewhere else, because Horthy Miklós governor wanted to establish a hunting area here. That’s why he decided to emigrate the population of the village. On this mystical place you can now find the building of renovated school, which is now a museum, one old seedy bulding and nice chapel. Derenk became a ghost town in the middle of a forest. We visited also the ruins of Szátvár castle, built in the 13th century. This castle is the biggest in Hungary and it is very nice. We spent a perfect day with our Collie Rough Grace and her friend Collie Smooth Beid. Thanks for the photos to Peter Suvák.